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Tim McGarvey

Decisions based on simplified data: How Resimpli Boosted Tim McGarvey’s Business Immensely


Starting in 2020, Tim McGarvey is an established real estate owner, investor, and wholesaler. He focuses on buy and hold and also often works with structured seller financing.

Operating Market

Residing in the beautiful city of Napa, Tim operates in Northern California. Learning, networking, and operating closely with masterminds in the business. He also manages a team of around 13 people employed both on-site and remotely.

Favorite REsimpli Features

    • KPI Dashboard: Monitor marketing ROI for data-driven decisions.
    • Full Accounting System: Real-time tracking of expenses, earnings, and remaining funds.
    • Streamlined Pipeline: Efficiently manage deals in the sales pipeline.
    • Ease of Use: Simplifies daily operations for maximum efficiency.

Before and After REsimpli

Before REsimpli

Unsuitable Interface and System: Tim did not find enough customization options to optimize his CRM software to the unique corporate structure, activities, and circumstances he deals with.
Bad User Experience: His previous experiences with other CRM software often left him confused and frustrated. It was difficult to figure out how to achieve what he wanted to do.
Unresponsive and inefficient: A lot of the time, the software simply didn’t work. They promised a lot of things, but it was hard to even get those programs going.

After REsimpli

Customized and tailored experience: REsimpli provided a unique experience to Tim with deep customization options to tailor his software modes as per his unique business structure and routine operations.
User-friendly and effective interface:Using REsimpli and its features to boost his business has been a ‘Plug N’ Play’ experience for Tim. Getting to do what he needs and how he wants them, has been comfortably convenient and simplistic.
Responsiveness: REsimply operates fast and efficiently, requiring less time and effort to do more with great reliability and precision.

Tim’s Experience with REsimpli

Tim began his Real Estate journey in 2020 and experimented with a lot of CRM software since then. Not all of them were a good experience. He mostly found them hassling and confusing. He had to hire distinct software engineers to manage the software. In 2021, he shifted from Podio to REsimpli and he never had to look back. The ease, clarity, dependability, and key features of REsimpli help him save time, and energy, and focus more on the selling side of things. He recommends REsimpli to all his Real Estate Investor peers with strong confidence to help them strengthen their businesses.

Features REPLACED By REsimpli


KPI Tracking




Full Accounting

Achievements with REsimpli


Data-Driven Investments

Based on the trends and performance metrics of his recent business actions, we can analyze and judge the effectiveness of each decision much more accurately.


Efficient KPI Tracking

Tim benefits from the valuable clarity that real-time investments, insights, and returns of key metrics provide about business performances, trends, and decisions.


Streamlined Operations

Business actions are now easier and all in one place.


More time

Automation saves time and enables Tim to work on sales and other vital activities.

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