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RE investor Phil Long has 3x his business, closing more deals using REsimpli’s follow-up feature

Phil Long

What I really appreciate about REsimpli, when I talk to somebody for the first time, they usually just get one follow-up phone call, and once we don’t get that, or if they are a future lead and not a hot lead, they get put on a drip..And that Drip, there is no room for error! And the follow-up system that comes with the Drip Campaign is just best in the business!

Working on building his portfolio Raelon uses REsimpli to track leads


REsimpli team is great! They’re constantly more and more features. And I notice the improvements every time I see a new update. You guys have come a long way in the last couple of months!

Content creator Ryan Dosenberry keeps his real estate business organized with REsimpli

Ryan Dosenberry

The Drip Campaigns have been awesome. I just get so busy that I don’t have time to follow-up with all these leads, so throw them on these drip campaigns and they do the work for. And it works too! You can customize everything, the timing, the type of messages, sms, phone calls, RVMS and emails and I love it. We’ve done over $50,000 in wholesale assignment fees.The last deal I just closed last week, it was a $27,000 assignment fee. Just cause I put a guy on a drip campaign!

Drip campaign is 1 feature that Chicago native Brett Singer appreciates about REsimpli

Brett Singer

I’ve put in old leads from eons ago and it is by emailing, texting, having tasks reminders to call the leads, the whole system it was able to bring some old leads back to life. One other thing I really enjoy about it is the private facebook group, where anybody can throw up an idea and other people will give feedback and comments, and you are guys are like “yeah, that’s a great idea”, and make it happen!

Billy tried a different CRM for 30 days and learned REsimpli was the best


If you’re thinking about making a jump or thinking you could create a better system on Podio, I promise you you can’t. I’ve spent thousands of dollars trying to create something that I thought would be better, and it was nothing but an absolute headache, messy and glitchy compared to REsimpli.

Jamison has been investing in real estate for 15 years and switched to REsimpli for its features


For the amount of features and value you guys bring it was just like it almost was a no-brainer honestly. There several deals that only happened because I was in REsimpli. They wouldn’t happen if I switched to my own little basic Podio plan.

Months ago Alex was closing 1-2 deals per month, now with REsimpli he’s closing 4-6 deals per month


The Support is why we will never leave REsimpli! I’ve never been a part of a company, and I feel like I’m part of the company, where I can hop on a call with you Sharad, and a week later you’re like “Here’s this thing we updated based off of your feedback.” Like, you actually listen and implement after that! We went from 1-2 deals to 4-6 deals, that’s all we could ask for!

REsimpli helps Michael close more deals and is cost-effective


When I looked at REsimpli for the first time for the price, considering that I didn’t need the accounting software anymore because REsimpli has accounting function, and I didn’t need CallRail because REsimpli has built-in phone lines and tracks it, to me it seemed like a HUGE bargain, and something that was definitely worth trying. I looked at it as something that made me money every month.

Why Michael Switched To REsimpli's Real Estate (Wholesale) Investing CRM


I had a deal that I thought was 100% dead. I seriously almost marked it dead and didn’t attach a drip campaign, but I did. And I’ll be darned if I didn’t close that 8 months later!

Jeremy Smith has taken the leap to REsimpli and he isn’t looking back!

Jeremy Smith

The KPI tracking on here is amazing! It’s almost like KPI tracking on steroids. It’s really really intuitive and it really made me dive in on some things that we need to look at. That’s the first thing I liked! The second thing I liked is that it’s almost like a Trello Board, where you can move a lead from place to place. As the owner of the company I need to be able to see everything from a Macro standpoint. I want to be able to jump in and say, “What I can help the acquisition team with? You got 6 hot deals here, what can we do to move this from stage 2 to stage 3?” So that was super important for me!

Jason Lee turned to REsimpli when it was time for a CRM for his real estate business


I do work with other companies, whether that’s pulling data, or just direct mail. And I will say that you guys are defnitely the most responsive! I don’t know any other companies where I can reach out or post on facebook, and within an hour later your team or usually it’s you (Sharad) are actually responding to us on the facebook post and just being very interactive. Whether that’s trying to solve things, or to count the user ideas to build your roadmap for the future. I’m just super appreciative that you are so interactive and taking our feedback into consideration!

Brett switched to REsimpli after trying Brett and REIBlackbook


I went through a Podio phase, where I wanted to rip all of my hair out haha! I don’t even know what that was. And then I went to REIBlackbook for maybe 6 or 7 months. And that was probably just as bad. It was little better cause they had a framework but there were things that didn’t make sense, and weren’t effective and efficient to look for long term.There’s a ton of value in REsimpli. What I like about it most is that it does a lot, and its very simple to use. I’ve been able to set up phone numbers, track my marketing, my call flows and how they work, and manage how my incomming calls work, manage my tasks and cold-calling campaigns. All the way to the automated follow-up campaigns to make sure no prospect is left behind.

Drip campaigns and list stacking changed everything for Jeremy Davis and his team

Jeremy Davis

When you have List-stacking that is coupled with a sucessful Drip Campaign, and a successful CRM, and the ability to go so so granular, and be able to look at every single team member that is operating within the CRM. how they are performing and their KPIs, all of that kind of stuff. I don’t know if I can pick one singular thing about REsimpli that I love, I just know that the entire thing as a Eco-system is fully functional, and that’s what I love about REsimpli.

Noah tried 3 other CRMs before he decided REsimpli worked best for his team!


There were bits and pieces of all the other CRMs that we liked, but REsimpli put all together for us. Whether that be Drip Sequences, being able to call and text out, have a really task-oriented system, being able ot utilize tasks very easiily. All the stuffs we used before had pieces of it, but REsimpli is the first program we used that put everything in one house, very easy for us to use!

Michael appreciates REsimpli for constantly improving


Michael Pinter

Isaac and Rocco love that REsimpli is getting better every day


Isaac & Rocco

Enzo found REsimpli to be the most user-friendly platform he ever used.


Enzo Miguel Nitti

Shawn is super happy with the whole system


Shawn Castellanos

Tom switched because REsimpli kept improving while others stopped


Tom Robinson

Elvis found REsimpli to be “worth every investment”


Elvis De Los Santos

Darragh never experienced such great customer service


Darragh Duignan

Matthew never questioned his choice to use REsimpli


Matthew Wool

Glenn loves REsimpli


Glenn Russell

Lori loves using REsimpli


Lori Dayrit

Ron is glad he switched to REsimpli


Ron Hok

Michael feels honoured to be a part of REsimpli from the beginning


Michael French

Tommy’s detailed feedback about REsimpli on BiggerPockets


Tommy Hardin

Michael appreciates REsimpli for listening to customer feedback and constantly growing


Michael J. French

Yahavy found the Bookkeeping feature very useful for his marketing



“My experience working with Resimpli over the last 6 months has shown me the value of having a strong team and a strong marketing bookkeeping system. The REsimpli CRM Bookkeeping system changed my entire outlook on how to market to properties. We understand the money is in the follow-up, one of my personal favorite features of Resimpli is the KPI & the drip campaign, Which allows you to market to properties using SMS, RVM, you can set reminders to assign a task to your team along with send postcards, emails and purchase multiple phone numbers for your marketing purposes.”

Willie switched to REsimpli after being frustrated using a few other CRMs


Willie Argo

“Before REsimpli, our company had tried a few other CRM’s, but found them to be overly complicated and minimally helpful. REsimpli is easy to use but helps solve difficult problems for every kind of real estate investor. We use it for everything from organizing direct mail campaigns to setting appointments with sellers. REsimpli has had a tremendously positive impact on our business, and I would recommend anyone who is serious about investing in real estate consider using their services! Prior to REsimpli, we tried other CRMs, and found them overly complicated and minimally useful. REsimpli helps us solve difficult problems easily, and we recommend it!”

Victor switched to REsimpli from Podio



“I tried many softwares and CRM. Also used Podio for years but just to end up frustrated. REsimpli has everything you need and doesn’t allow you to get on your own way.”

Rudy found REsimpli very user-friendly


Rudy Estrada

“I am fairly new in using REsimpli but so far so good, from what and how I have been using it, it seems to be useful for my personal needs. I was looking for a program that was user-friendly and has the capabilities to do so much more for my business than what I need currently, but it’s good to know those functions are there once I scale my business. l am looking forward to one day being able to use REsimpli in it’s entirety.”

Rocco enjoys managing his banking, contractors, KPIs, documents all inside REsimpli


Rocco Buccasso

“We have been using REsimpli now since November 2020 and I really enjoy the multi-facet platform which allows you to completely run your business all-in-one (Banking – Leads – Contractors – KPIs – Document Storage – and so much more). Sharad and his team are constantly modifying and listening to improvements from all users – I think this is a major benefit of the platform. Plus Sharad is an investor himself, so he understands the game and the process.”

REsimpli helped Melanie to stay more organized and save time.



“I have been using REsimpli for my wholesaling business and it’s exactly what I need to stay organized and save time. It’s perfect right out of the box, there is very little need for customization. I love the drip campaigns and being able to call leads directly from the system.“

Manuel got rid of a bunch of services after signing up to REsimpli

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Manuel Prado

“Hey, my name is Manual Prado. I am very excited to have REsimpli with us. It has simplified a lot of things. We can do texting, send documents, saving files. So, it’s kind of like what it used to be our Docusign, Dropbox, Easy text, ringless voicemail, drip campaign, it’s all in one. I am very happy with it. Very easy to use. The customer support is awesome, every time I have a question, I get an answer immediately. I strongly recommend REsimpli if you’re thinking about having a CRM for your business. I strongly recommend it.”

Justin has been a happy customer for over a year



“Our company switched to REsimpli about a year ago and we have been very happy with the product and service. Sharad has always been available to answer questions and resolve issues. They are constantly making improvements to enhance the experience. I’d recommend REsimpli to anyone that is looking for a CRM to manage significant volume of real estate lead/client activity.“

KPI feature helped Ephrem to know how his business is performing


Ephrem Bekere

“I have been using REsimpli for the past three months to manage my leads. There are many great tools in there that have tremendously helped me organize my leads. From getting a new lead to closing a deal, I love seeing where in the process a lead is. I especially like the fact that I can mark my leads as ‘hot’ and ‘warm’ as that helps my team and I prioritize on which leads we should focus on. The KPIs page is another great aspect of REsimpli. I get an overview of how we’re doing overall. It has simple, easy to read graphs to help me understand where the leads are coming from, how many leads we’ve generated, made appointments, offers and closed on each month. The revenue and deal goal tracker also gives me a summary of how close we are to our goal. Thank you for our hard work in helping users like myself have a user friendly and effective CRM.“

Brad found follow-up feature very user-friendly

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Brad Simmons

“I’ve been using Resimpli for several months now in my real estate investing business. It made things a lot easier, especially when it comes with the follow-up process that they have built it. It’s very customizable and very user-friendly. If there are any problems, the support team is very quick to reply with very helpful information or even fixes when those have been necessary. They’re very responsive, it’s very easy to use, they’re very open to adding new features or hearing your requests when things are out of work a little differently. Overall, it has been a great experience using REsimpli for the last several months and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Blair found the customer service to be very impressive


Blair Bass

“Resimpli is amazing! The service is top notch. The customer service with any issue can be resolved at rocket speed. I am a new member to the team, but I still feel a part of the team. I sent out my first direct mail marketing this month. Before sending them off, the team ensured if everything was correct. I loved that. I know this will be my go-to for my future investing ventures. Continue doing great things guys!”

Aaron & Brandon got rid of all their software after they started using REsimpli


Aaron & Brandon

“We’ve been nothing but impressed with the REsimpli platform. In the past we have had to cobble together multiple different platforms and systems to stay organized. That all went away when we started using REsimpli. We’ve been able to properly track leads, follow up, train acquisitions managers due to the call recording feature, and track our marketing expenses all in the same place. It has transformed our business and we are 100% confident that as our lead flow scales up, we won’t experience any hiccups because we have this system in place.”

Anthony gets a better response rate from using REsimpli’s auto-drip feature than any other system

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Anthony Kusky

“Hey guys, this is Anthony with NB Investment Properties. I just wanted to give a little shoutout to Sharad and his REsimpli CRM. We’ve been using it for about a year now and absolutely loved it. We love that it’s easy to track the progress of the properties. We love that they have all our call numbers in there, we moved all our Call Rail stuffs into it. We use the stacking, we use the direct mail. We probably get a better response on these automated drips than we have with any other system. So we are 100% believers in REsimpli. And then Sharad, we love that they listen and working hard to really make it the best software out there. I know there are lots of choices out there but for me, this is our software and we love it, we love where it’s going and we’re firm believers of REsimpli and Sharad.”

Michael saved a bunch of money by discontinuing the services that REsimpli already has built-in.

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Michael Pinter

I want to give a quick shoutout to Sharad and everybody at REsimpli. It’s a CRM I have been using for a year. I am extremely happy I moved from Podio based system. REsimpli system has improved incredibly and there’s constantly new functionality being added. To me, it actually saves me money cause I got rid of a bunch of services I was paying for so I

Greg was able to get rid of all the software after he found REsimpli

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Greg Brenner

My name is Greg Brenor and we operate in the Dayton, Ohio market. I have been using REsimpli since early 2020. Just want to leave Sharad a quick review – thank you, I love the system. It’s really great man. It has taken multiple software that we were using and condensed it down to one, saving us time. It’s really thought out. Highly recommended!

Best CRM I ever Used to make a Great deal

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Hi! My name is Eric. I have been with REsimpli for about a year now and I can definitely say it’s one of the strongest CRM I have ever used and I can think of at least one specific deal that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise if it weren’t for REsimpli. I have enjoyed using it for quite a bit. Support is very responsive and Sharad clearly wants to make a good product. He seems to really care about what makes a difference and being able to have the ability to kind of make it do the things you want it to do makes a huge difference. Thanks Sharad and the team for answering all my questions. I will forward to working with you for many years to come.

Drip Campaign helps Duane save a lot of time and effort

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Duane Alexander

Your drip campaign feature is key cause it really simplifies the follow-up. Follow-up can be very very tedious – to remember to call someone and to text. The drip campaign, specially how we do, we may set up a drip campaign that may take place over the course of a year cause we don’t really do a lot of history data cause we target high equity and a lot of those people we talk to may not want us to sell now but eventually they are gonna want to sell. So, if we can touch them every month or every 45 days or so, a lot of times those people are on the 6th or 7th touch for 7 or 8 months and they will come back and say they are ready for my offer. If you are looking for a good CRM, REsimpli is one of the best one you can get cause it has everything you need built in there. User interface is so simple. I cannot recommend it enough.

Dean made smart business decisions based on the KPI in REsimpli which helped him generate a million dollars in revenue.

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Dean Rogers

At this point, now we have real understanding by looking at the KPI and see from where the deal flow is coming, where the leads are coming from, where we are spending our money, where we need to spend more money and time. Just because of the CRM, I was able to look into real numbers, we did over a million dollars with our friends and benefits program.

The REsimpli system is great, and it gets better every day.


Andre Carvalho

The REsimpli system is great, and it gets better every day.. but the true differentiator for me is the ability to ask questions and get them answered by real people in minutes… Shout out to the REsimpli support team for always answering my questions in minutes during our first month of onboarding! It really makes a difference.

Dan Evers used REsimpli KPI dashboard to Secure financing From two private lenders

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Dan Evers

I broke down our KPIs to an investor and had it not been for REsimpli, I would not have known my KPIs. This is the first time in 9 years that I have been able to understand my KPIs. I am a one-man show in 2016. I am a four-man show in 2018, it’s like I don’t have the time to track this. REsimpli tracks it for you. I went and got data to run these numbers off of the data REsimpli tracked and that was it. Honestly my suggestion to someone and to this just fair and honest if you’re not going to use REsimpli at least make sure you at least use a company that does what REsimpli does and I’ll just tell you right now from three weeks worth of searching for something, no one else does it but REsimpli so you can save yourself some time.