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Unlock Efficiency
with REsimpli’s
List Stacking

Discover how REsimpli’s unique List Stacking feature revolutionizes the way you manage off-market property leads, letting you focus on closing deals instead of wrestling with unorganized data.

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Zero in on Motivated Sellers

Dealing with a massive database? List Stacking identifies and consolidates duplicate properties, letting you direct your marketing efforts toward sellers who are genuinely motivated to close the deal.
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Effortlessly Generate Off-Market Leads

With REsimpli, compile robust marketing lists from a plethora of sources such as ListSource, PropStream, local tax records, and more. Don’t worry about the complexity; we make lead generation a breeze.
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Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Waste

Avoid the pitfalls of multiple contacts and marketing overlap by focusing your outreach. With a consolidated list, you not only save time but also optimize your marketing budget.
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Additional Capabilities

Integrated skip tracing helps you swiftly obtain necessary contact information, allowing immediate outreach.
Utilize various filters to fine-tune your marketing efforts, making your campaigns more effective.
Our system focuses on property addresses to ensure zero duplicates, streamlining your entire database.
Target multiple properties tied to a single owner with just one well-crafted email or direct mail campaign.
Manage leads more effectively by categorizing related properties, a crucial tool for maximizing your profit potential.
Our CRM stays current by prioritizing the most recently updated information in your stacked lists.

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Stop letting disorganized lists dictate your success. Take control and optimize your real estate investments with REsimpli's List Stacking feature.
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