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What's Driving
for Dollars?

It’s a simple but smart way to find off-market properties. Drive around, spot potential investment properties, and use our app to learn all about them, and find your next big deal!
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Every Detail, REsimpli

Every Detail You
Need in One Place

Get key info on every property you find, like:

  • Property Owner Info
  • Property Size and Type
  • Estimated Value
  • Load Details
  • Sale and Tax Histories
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No wasted efforts

No wasted efforts!

Our app is fully integrated with the REsimpli web version. That means you are only finding new properties, sending marketing to unique property owners, with no repeat sends.
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Take Pictures & Notes on the go

Take Pictures &
Notes on the go!

See a property you like and take a few pictures? Or you see ‘broken windows’, ‘tarp on the roof’, or ‘overgrown grass’ and want to take notes? Don’t worry REsimpli’s got you covered!
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Driving History

Driving History:
No Repeats, No Hassles

Our app keeps track of where you’ve driven and what properties you’ve found, so every drive is fresh and every find is new!
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Instantly Skip Trace and Connect with Property Owners

Instantly Skip Trace and Connect with Property Owners

Found a property that you absolutely don’t want to miss out on? Just with one tap, Skip Trace the property and reach out to property owners straight away via quick call or email!
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Quick and Easy Direct Mail

Quick and Easy
Direct Mail

Send real, paper mail to your new contacts with just a click, making your message stand out in their mailbox.
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Drive, Discover, and Close Deals with REsimpli

Turn every drive into a new opportunity and every find into a potential deal with REsimpli’s Driving for Dollars feature.