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Investors get more with REsimpli.

Reinvent every part of your business with REsimpli, the all-in-one CRM for real estate investors. REsimpli users have access to all of the marketing tools, automation, app integrations included in REISift, and so much more.

  • More detailed business data
  • Better marketing services
  • Superior sales tools
  • Real-time financial information

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    Reisift Alternative

    REsimpli vs. REIsift

    Because REISift has limited features, investors who use the software have to juggle additional apps and subscriptions just to manage their business. With REsimpli, busy investors can do it all in one place.

    Reisift Alternative
    Desposition Management
    List stacking info See in Action List Stacking combines and manages different lists (i.e. Absentee, Driving for Dollars, Probate, etc.) of motivated sellers for more targeted marketing.
    Skip Tracing
    Direct mail info See in ActionSend postcards and letters from within REsimpli, at as low as 50c.
    SMS & Phone
    Drip Campaign
    Zapier Connections
    Driving For Dollars info See in ActionThe Driving for Dollars feature helps you drive around a neighborhood to look for distressed, potentially vacant, or other investment properties that you can wholesale for a profit. It also includes a route tracking feature for real estate wholesalers to document and contact unlisted or off-market houses.
    Speed To Lead info See in ActionSpeed to lead will help you connect with motivated sellers in less than 60 seconds from the time lead is created.

    As soon as a new lead is created (via REsimpli website, zapier, webforms or carrot websites), we will call your team. Once someone from your team answers the call, we will immediately call the seller and connect your team member.

    You will also receive a text message right away with leads name, address and lead source to have some background info.
    Cash Buyers Management
    Single Line Dialer
    In-App Phone System
    Reisift Alternative


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    • Import existing lists.
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    REsimpli is the most popular REISift alternative!

    Stop juggling multiple apps and software just to run your business. With REsimpli, investors can organize all of their information, control marketing campaigns, track sales, and manage banking, all in a single CRM.


    Seamlessly integrate your business.

    Connect all your favorite tools to the CRM for streamlined business management. REsimpli seamlessly integrates with all of your favorite real estate investment apps, including, Launch Control, Call Tools, BatchLeads, BatchDialer, Smart Contact, Mojo Dialer, and more.

    More features. Less hassle.

    REsimpli offers more tools, services, and features than REIPro–without the steep learning curve or strict limitations.

    crm CRM
    list-stacking List Stacking
    driving-dollars Driving For Dollars
    cash-buyer Cash Buyers Management
    drip-campaign Drip Campaign
    leads-dialer Leads Dialer
    e-sign e-Sign
    calls-sms Calls & SMS
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    • Zero customization needed
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