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Users 1 5 Unlimited
Phone Numbers info Additional phone numbers can be purchased for $2/mo/number. 2 5 15
Calling Minutes & SMS/Month info Additional calling minutes can be purchased for 2.5 cents/minute and 1 cent/SMS. 500 Minutes & 500 SMS 2,000 Minutes & 2,000 SMS 10,000 Minutes & 10,000 SMS
List stacking info List stacking combines and manages different lists (i.e. Absentee, Driving for Dollars, Probate, etc.) of motivated sellers for more targeted marketing. 20,000 records 100,000 records Unlimited Records
Seller Website
Driving for Dollars info The Driving for Dollars feature helps you drive around a neighborhood to look for distressed, potentially vacant, or other investment properties that you can wholesale for a profit. It also includes a route tracking feature for real estate wholesalers to document and contact unlisted or off-market houses.
Drip Automation info This is a highly effective feature that automatically adds leads to follow-up campaigns as soon as they are created. For instance, if you receive a missed call from a new lead, you can add them to a follow-up sequence that sends text messages, emails, and creates a task for your team to call them.
Bulk Email & SMS to Buyers info Send bulk marketing emails/SMS to inform buyers about new properties and business updates.
Daily Productivity Email info Stay on top of your team's productivity with our Daily Productivity Email.

Get a daily report on important metrics like lead status, source, and team performance, pending tasks etc. Plus, see upcoming appointments, offers, and abandoned leads, and more.

This will help you stay informed and help your team stay on track and grow your business.
Speed to Lead info Speed to lead will help you connect with motivated sellers in less than 60 seconds from the time lead is created.

As soon as a new lead is created (via REsimpli website, zapier, webforms or carrot websites), we will call your team. Once someone from your team answers the call, we will immediately call the seller and connect your team member.

You will also receive a text message right away with leads name, address and lead source to have some background info.
In-App Answering (Web, iOS and Android) info In-app answering allows for answering calls within the browser or app.
Dedicated Account Manager info Support via Text, Calls, Emails, Chat, Zoom

Additional Features

Single Line Dialer (unlimited minutes) info Utilize REsimpli's Single Line Dialer to prospect and connect with motivated seller leads, resulting in more deals. The Single Line Dialer is fully integrated with List Stacking, enabling more targeted and effective marketing. $79/mo/user $79/mo/user $79/mo/user
Buyers & Vendors info Manage all your contacts, including cash buyers and vendors (title companies, contractors, etc.), using REsimpli. Additionally, you can call, SMS, and email your contacts within REsimpli. 2,500 Contacts 25,000 Contacts 100,000 Contacts
Lead Assignment info Choose how you would like to assign your leads to your team from Round Robin, First to Claim or Manual Assignment. Round Robin info For example, if you have 3 Acquisition Managers, leads will be assigned on Round Robin basis. 1st lead will go to person A, 2nd lead to person B, 3rd lead to person C, 4th lead to person A, and 5th lead to person B, etc. First to Claim info If you have multiple people on the same role, anytime a new lead is created, an email will be sent to all people in that role to login and claim the lead. If there is only one person in a role, the lead will automatically be assigned to that person. First to Claim is only applicable when there are 2 or more people in the same role. Manual Assignment info The leads will remain unassigned until someone who is already assigned to that lead manually goes in and assigns the lead for the unassigned role. If there is only one person in a role, the lead will automatically be assigned to that person. Manual Assignment is only applicable when there are 2 or more people in the same role.
File Storage info Eliminate Google Drive or Dropbox. Store all your pics, videos, and other documents within REsimpli. Create shareable links to files and folders for leads, buyers, or any third party. 50 GB 200 GB 500 GB
Drip Campaigns info Drip Campaign consists of a series of customized, scheduled, and automated contact activities, or drips, that investors use to optimize lead follow-up. Each activity is scheduled and executed without additional work from the real estate investor.

Choose from Tasks, SMS, Emails, RVM, and Direct Mail.
Live Call Transfer info Live transfer calls with hot leads to another member of your team to increase the chances of converting more leads into deals.
Email Tracking info Track which emails are delivered and who's opening and clicking on the emails.
2-way Google Calendar Integration info Never miss an appointment or double book when you integrate your Google Calendar with REsimpli's calendar.
Call routing based on Lead Status info Route your calls based on the lead's status. For instance, you can send any new leads to your Lead Manager, but once the lead is in the Appt Set stage, automatically route the call to another team member, such as the Acquisition Manager or the Owner.
Call Monitoring info Coming Soon Ongoing Call Listening, Whisper to Team Member, Barge
Disposition Management Coming Soon
Buyer Website Coming Soon
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Additional Usage

Phone Number $2/Mo $2/Mo $2/Mo
SMS Credit 1 Cent 1 Cent 1 Cent
MMS Credit 2 Cents 2 Cents 2 Cents
Calling Minutes 2.5 Cents 2.5 Cents 2.5 Cents
RVM 5 Cents 5 Cents 5 Cents
Skip Tracing 15 Cents/Match 15 Cents/Match 15 Cents/Match
e-Sign $0.95/Doc $0.95/Doc $0.95/Doc
Additional 50 GB Storage $5/Mo $5/Mo $5/Mo
Additional User $50/Mo $50/Mo Unlimited
Upto 500,000 List Stacking Rec. $99/Mo $99/Mo Unlimited
Unlimitted List Stacking Rec. $199/Mo $199/Mo Unlimited
In-App Answering (Web, iOS and Android) $50/Mo for all users $50/Mo for all users
Leads Advanced Dialer $39/Mo/User $39/Mo/User

Driving Features

Additional Up to 3 drivers $49/Mo $49/Mo $49/Mo
Additional Up to 100 drivers $249/Mo $249/Mo $249/Mo
Postcard $0.50/Postcard $0.50/Postcard $0.50/Postcard
Skip Tracing 15 Cents/Match 15 Cents/Match 15 Cents/Match
Google Street View $20/Mo $20/Mo $20/Mo
Vacancy Check
List Stacking & CRM Integration
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Podio?

Absolutely not! REsimpli is 100% Podio-free. We wouldn't even touch Podio with a 10 foot pole.

How is REsimpli different from other software?

We provide the most advanced analysis for real estate investors that no other software is capable of doing.

How long does it take to set up REsimpli?

Less than 2 minutes. You sign up and it's all set up for you to start using it.

Can you help me move from my current system?

Absolutely! 100% FREE of charge

Is there any set up fee?

NO. Charging a set up fee is UNCOOL. If we had to charge you a set up fee to use our software then we didn't do a very good job of creating REsimpli.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

100%. We feel confident that you will love REsimpli. If not, let us know within first 14 days and we will refund your money.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you are not in any long-term contract.

Do I need a separate phone service?

You do NOT. But if you already have CallRail we will work with it seamlessly.

Is my data backed up?

Absolutely! We run backups several times per day.

Do you have a playlist I can watch?

Yes, just click here.

Do you guys give live demos?

We love giving live demos. Just contact us and we will set up a time.

What Real Estate Investors Say About REsimpli

Anthony gets a better response rate from using REsimpli's auto-drip feature than any other system


Anthony Kusky

"We've been using REsimpli for a year. We love that it's easy to track the progress of the properties. Their auto-drips get better responses than any other system!"

Michael saved a bunch of money by discontinuing the services that REsimpli already has built-in.


Michael Pinter

"REsimpli saves me money cause I got rid of a bunch of software. I don't use Callrail anymore cause the phone numbers are in REsimpli and I also got rid of Quickbooks. Getting rid of Quickbooks alone is saving me 300 bucks."

Greg was able to get rid of all the software after he found REsimpli


Greg Brenner

"We love this great system. It has taken multiple softwares that we were using and condensed it down to one, saving us time. Highly recommended!"

Best CRM I ever Used to make a Great deal



"I've been using REsimpli for a year now, and I can definitely say that it's one of the strongest CRMs that I've ever used, with a very responsive support."

REsimpli helped Melanie to stay more organized and save time.



"I have been using REsimpli for my wholesaling business and it's exactly what I need to stay organized and save time. Love their drip-campaigns!"

Victor switched to REsimpli from Podio



"I tried many softwares and CRM but ended up frustrated. REsimpli has everything you need and doesn't allow you to get on your own way."