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About REsimpli

Who started REsimpli?

REsimpli is founded by Sharad Mehta, a very active real estate investor. Sharad has done over 600 deals in the last 10 years since he became a full-time real estate investor and over the years he has developed systems to automate many parts of his real estate investing. Sharad is a very active investor in Lake County, Indiana market and he manages his entire business from Carlsbad, California, where he lives. Using the systems that Sharad has developed, he is able to manage 3-4 rehabs a month from a distance.

Why did we create REsimpli?

We were frustrated by the fact that we had to use multiple softwares to run one business and none of those softwares really spoke well with each other. There had to be a better way and REsimpli was created.

What do we do?

We have created a super SIMPLE to use business management software for real estate investors that provides you with the most POWERFUL numbers about your business which helps you make BETTER decisions.

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