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REsimpli Features


Manage your properties, buyer, marketing, and more with our comprehensive, simple-to-use CRM.

List Stacking

Stack all your lists in REsimpli—no need for a separate list stacking software. Choose from various data sets to make list stacking easy, quick, and efficient.

Skip Tracing

Our built-in software has mobile, email, and landline capabilities, making skip tracing motivated sellers a breeze.

Phone System

Establish a flow that works for you with our built-in phone, SMS, and RVM integration.

Drip Campaign

No need to juggle different softwares for different campaign types. Our CRM automates your follow ups via email, SMS, RVM, direct mail, and more.

Driving For Dollars

Our Driving for Dollars (D4$) functions include route tracking and export functionalities so your team can be as efficient as possible.

Full Accounting

Our real estate CRM has full accounting functionalities built in specifically for real estate investors and wholesalers, giving you a bird’s eye view of your expenses and the most accurate KPIs.

Cash Buyers Management

Keep all your real estate cash buyers in one place with our intuitive management system. Reach out to segmented groups or send an SMS or email all at once with our comprehensive CRM.

and much much more...

Other features including e-sign, file storage and organization, e-mail, and much more... Book your demo call today to find out what REsimpli can do for you.

All-In-One Business Management Software

With REsimpli’s all-in-one real estate investor CRM, you can manage leads, list stacking, marketing, revenue and even send contracts with the single click of a button. Eliminate the excess apps and control your entire business in just one place.


“We operate in the Dayton, Ohio market. We love the system and it’s great. It has taken multiple softwares that we were using and condensed it down to one, saving us time. It’s really thought out. Highly recommended!”

Greg Brennor - All Ohio Homebuyers

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Automate Lead Follow-Up With Drip Campaigns

Never miss out on an investment opportunity again. Automate lead follow-up with powerful real estate drip campaigns that include emails, texts, RVMs, and more. REsimpli handles follow-up in the background, so you can spend your time where it matters most.Never miss out on an investment opportunity again. Automate lead follow-up with powerful real estate drip campaigns that include emails, texts, RVMs, and more. REsimpli handles follow-up in the background, so you can spend your time where it matters most.

Manuel Prado

“I’m very excited to have REsimpli with us. It has simplified a lot of things. We can do texting, sending documents, dropbox, RVMs, Drip campaigns all in one.”

Manuel Prado - Prado Homes LLC

Detailed KPI Dashboard Tracks Every Dollar Spent

REsimpli empowers you to make better financial decisions by providing real-time data and revenue tracking for your real estate wholesale and investments. Analyze your most profitable marketing channels, cost per lead, and invest your money where it counts the most.

David Pere

"The KPIs allow you to track a lot of really cool stuff as far as what you’re spending, how many leads you’re getting in through direct mail and how many of those are closing or how many appointments you’re setting and how many of those are closing"

David Pere - From Military to Millionaire

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Mobile App Designed for Modern Investors

Our revolutionary app was designed by real estate investors for real estate investors. Available for download on iOS and Android, you can now manage your entire business on-the-go with REsimpli. Never miss another notification or forget a task again.


“I really enjoy the multi-facet platform which allows you to completely run your business all-in-one. Sharad and his team are constantly modifying and listening to improvements from all users. Plus Sharad is an investor himself, so he understands the game and the process.”

Rocco Buccasso

Unlimited No-Cost Onboarding & Industry-Leading Support

REsimpli’s best-in-class Customer Support Team offers unlimited FREE onboarding support services. Users can connect with a live chat agent in under a minute or access our secret Facebook group for additional support.

Brad Simmons

“I’ve been using REsimpli for a couple of months, and it has made everything easier for me. Their support staff are really responsive for any concern that I may have.”

Brad Simmons

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Reinvent Your Business RISK-FREE With REsimpli

Start using REsimpli today with our 14 day free trial! Our no obligation trial period gives you the time you need to learn about our software. If you don't love us, no problem. Just let us know before your trial period is up and we will cancel your account with no charges!