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Benefits and Features

REsimpli is built specifically for real estate investors like you to simplify running the business and provide you with the most POWERFUL KPIs to help make better decisions.

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Simple to use

REsimpli is super simple and very intuitive to use. Your entire team can be up and running in under 5 minutes.

Built in Accounting Software

REsimpli has a built in accounting software that ties everything in your business together and gives you the most POWERFUL KPIs about your business.

Automated Task Management

Hold everyone in your team accountable by using our automated task management that reminds your team daily on what task they have to keep them focused.

Project Management Tool

REsimpli has a project management tool built to create Scope of Work, upload files and manage your timeline and budget for each project.

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Super simple to use

REsimpli is the simplest software built just for real estate investors. The interface is super simple which minimizes the time needed to train your team.

  • NO integration needed. You login and start using it
  • All your calls, voicemails, SMS to each contact organized
  • Everything is already built in (phone and SMS system, Task Management, Accounting, etc.)
  • Quickly know the status of each lead in your pipeline
  • Give custom access to your team based on their roles and responsibilities

Accounting system just for real estate investors

REsimpli is the simplest accounting system built specifically for real estate investors. No need to set up Quickbooks or using Excel.

  • Link up your bank account and download all your transactions
  • Know your KPIs in real time to make better decisions
  • No Excel needed to run your data

Task Management. Simplified.

Our simple to use automated task management system is going to make your business more efficient and add accountability to your team.

  • Automated checklist to make sure you never miss a task
  • Tasks assigned to your team based on their role in the company
  • Default tasks assigned automatically as lead status changes
  • Daily email reminders to keep the entire team focused and get more done
  • Set any task for a specific property

Stay organized like never before

No need to use Google Drive or Dropbox to store your documents anymore. REsimpli helps you stay organized.

  • Upload anything with our UNLIMITED cloud storage
  • All files are organized by property to make them easy to find
  • Share any file or folder by creating a shareable link

More Features

Direct Mail

  • Very Competitive Pricing
  • No Minimum
  • Quick turnaround
  • Tons of Designs to choose from
  • Free Custom designs for you if you don’t like ours
  • Buy Leads for as low as $0.10/lead
  • Free NCOA list cleaning
  • Industry leading customer service

Project Management

  • Create detailed Lumpsum or Itemized pricing Scope of Work (SOW)
  • Easily share SOW with a shareable link
  • Track timeline of your project as it moves from one stage to another
  • Upload, save and organize all your docs, pics, videos, etc. by project
  • Intuitive design to know each project’s status
  • Automatically know the holding period for each project

Bulk SMS Marketing

  • Local area code phone numbers
  • All SMS, calls and voicemails tracked and recorded within the system
  • No need to push lead to a different system

Secret Marketing List

Get our secret list criteria that is going to give you edge over your competition.

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