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Work smarter with the #1 InvestorFuse alternative.

An expansive suite of built-in tools, features, and services make REsimpli the top alternative to InvestorFuse for real estate investors who want to work smarter, not harder. While InvestorFuse can help manage leads, REsimpli does much more.

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InvestorFuse alternative

Why choose REsimpli over InvestorFuse?

REsimpli’s automated tools and integrated features make it a flexible, yet powerful, business management solution for real-world real estate investors. Reinvent the way you organize leads, analyze data, market to motivated sellers, and track your finances.

Drip campaign
Skip tracing
List stacking info See in Action List Stacking combines and manages different lists (i.e. Absentee, Driving for Dollars, Probate, etc.) of motivated sellers for more targeted marketing.
Single line dialer
In-app phone system
Cash Buyers Management
Drving for Dollars info See in Action The Driving for Dollars feature helps you drive around a neighborhood to look for distressed, potentially vacant, or other investment properties that you can wholesale for a profit. It also includes a route tracking feature for real estate wholesalers to document and contact unlisted or off-market houses.
Full accounting
Direct mail info See in ActionSend postcards and letters from within REsimpli, at as low as 50c.
Speed To Lead info Frame Hot See in Action Speed to lead will help you connect with motivated sellers in less than 60 seconds from the time lead is created.

As soon as a new lead is created (via REsimpli website, zapier, webforms or carrot websites), we will call your team. Once someone from your team answers the call, we will immediately call the seller and connect your team member.

You will also receive a text message right away with leads name, address and lead source to have some background info.
Lead Gen
Disposition Management
investorfuse vs resimpli


Leaving the dark side is easy.


Get more tools with the leading InvestorFuse alternative.

Upgrade to REsimpli’s comprehensive CRMs so that you can organize all of your data, control marketing campaigns, track sales, calculate investments, manage your banking, and more–all in one place. Stop juggling multiple apps and software just to run your business; choose a CRM that offers more than lead management.

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Plan, manage, and track all of your marketing campaigns right from the CRM. Built-in phone service, automated drips, and direct mail allow investors to manage their marketing, all from REsimpli.

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Stop letting leads fall through the cracks. Optimize your sales process and boost conversions with integrated sales tools.

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Track every single dollar that goes into your business with real-time accounting updates. Make better business decisions with up-to-date data, performance tracking, and financial analysis.

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Organize your seller information with a comprehensive suite of lead management tools. Manage all of your leads, taking them through the entire sales process from start to finish.


REsimpli plays better with your favorite tools. Connect your favorite apps to REsimpli.

REsimpli seamlessly integrates with all your favorite real estate investment apps, including Launch Control, Call Tools, BatchLeads, BatchDialer, Smart Contact, Mojo Dialer, and more. Connect all your favorite tools to the CRM for streamlined business management.

Less money. More features.

InvestorFuse is excellent for lead management, but that’s about it. Not only does it offer fewer features than leading competitors, InvestorFuse actually costs more.
If you’re looking for financial analysis, real-time performance indicators, or lead nurturing services, InvestorFuse won’t cut it. Get more services, tools, and customizable features with REsimpli. Investors who upgrade benefit from powerful new features, including:

crm CRM
list-stacking List Stacking
driving-dollars Driving For Dollars
cash-buyer Cash Buyers Management
drip-campaign Drip Campaign
leads-dialer Leads Dialer
e-sign e-Sign
calls-sms Calls & SMS
$ 99
Per Months

Save time and money with REsimpli.

REsimpli has more features, views, and customization options–all for less money.