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Meir Tenennbaum

Seasoned Investor Targeting 10-15 Deals A Month Confidently Through REsimpli

Meir Tenennbaum
American Home Buyer

  • Market: SouthEast Florida
  • Strategy: Wholesale
  • Deal Volume: 2-3 A Month

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Meir Tenenbaum has been in the real estate industry for 6 years and has been using REsimpli for the last year. While he is currently doing 2-3 deals a month, he is confident in being able to generate more leads with higher conversions, and reach 10-15 deals a month soon. Being a seasoned real estate investor, Meir went through his fair share of CRMs and admits that REsimpli is the best real estate CRM out there for investors.

Operating Market

Meir Tenenbaum is situated in Southeast Florida, and operates mainly in the area. However, he also conducts some business in Central West Florida and some in Orlando as well.

Favorite REsimpli Features

  1. Phone System Integration: Calls come in and are recorded within the REsimpli system, much easier for tracking.
  2. Communication: Communication between the team, with the support, leads and clients are done within the system smoothly.
  3. Lead Management The Speed-to-lead feature enables prompt and effective communication with each and every lead.

Before and After REsimpli

Before REsimpli

Higher Expenses: Used Podio, which required thousands of dollars to be built out for different integrations.
Buggy CRMs: Used Podio, which often crashed and stopped working.
Extra Steps Needed: Used Podio, which required you to learn code or outsource to build automation code.

After REsimpli

User-Friendly Interface: Easy to use and understand from the very first day.
Customer Support: Any and all issues are resolved, and responses are very prompt.
Lead Management: Lead management is much better now, with better communication and handling all of them separately.

Meir’s Experience With REsimpli

Meir has had his experience with other CRM systems, Podio being the last, before he switched to REsimpli. He believes it is the best CRM out there for real estate investors due to its different features, all of which are built into the system - meaning no other separate subscriptions are needed. Mier and his partner Mike had some ideas for changes necessary, a lot of which are already being addressed in the upcoming update, with more being taken in as feedback for future updates. Meir is confident about using the various marketing channels through REsimpli’s automated drip campaigns in order to reach more people and generate more leads, ultimately targeting a 10-15 deal per month goal in the near future. 

Features REPLACED By REsimpli


KPI Tracking


Automatic Drip Campaigns


Simple Interface


All-in-one System


Achievements With REsimpli

Achievements with REsimpli


Reduced Cost

Since REsimpli has multiple different features integrated into its system, Meir has been able to save costs that would have been spent on acquiring those features.


Better Communication

As all communication can be done with everyone on the system, Meir has an easier time contacting leads, clients and his team members.


Better Organization

The simple interface with the ability to create multiple pipelines and set global tasks within the system, Meir’s team has a clear vision of all their tasks.

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