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Alejandro Mendoza

Investor For 1 Year, Now Closing 15 Deals A Month

Alejandro Mendoza
Tag Team Property Solutions

    • Market: Texas
    • Strategy: Wholesale, Fix and Flips
    • Deal Volume: 10-15 A Month

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Alejandro Mendoza only started wholesaling about a year ago, starting his business with a partner he met at a previous job. Living in San Antonio, Texas, his small team of 10 people includes only 2 people currently in acquisitions, and with REsimpli on their side, they have gone from 1 deal a month to 10-15 deals a month.

Operating Market

Alejandro and his partner operate in the state of Texas, primarily San Antonio. However, by this time next year, they are looking to have expanded into Austin, Texas and dominate the market there. With plans for expanding the team, they are looking to do business throughout Texas.

Favorite REsimpli Features

  1. User Interface: Easy to understand and come to grips; everything is seamless and understandable from day 1.
  2. Drip Campaigns: Follow-ups are considerably easier through the drip campaigns being automated.
  3. Customer Support Customer support is always prompt and there are no issues left unresolved.
  4. In-built Features All features necessary for investing are already integrated within the system.

Before and After REsimpli

Before REsimpli

Bad Interface: Used Podio before which had a very clunky interface and was confusing to understand.
Expensive: Podio required a lot of expense to build it out, and pay for multiple other systems to be integrated.
Unorganized: Podio did not help with organization, multiple logins and different systems made it hard to keep track.

After REsimpli

More Deals: REsimpli allowed for more deals to be made with previous leads now being targeted.
Team Expansion: Alejandro is looking to expand his team due to increased leads and deals coming in.
Automatic Drip Campaigns: Follow-ups are more seamless due to the automated campaigns continuously doing them.

Alejandro’s Experience with REsimpli

Alejandro has only been using REsimpli for 7 or 8 months, but he stands by the fact that it is a CRM system made for real estate investors by a real estate investor. The system has helped him develop better systems and management within his business. The better understanding and creation of a process within the business has captured more leads and helped convert them into clients. With more deals coming in, Alejandro needs more acquisition managers in order to ensure they can make the process seamless, since monthly deals have gone from 1 a month to around 10-15 a month.

Features REPLACED By REsimpli


Automated Drip Campaigns


Phone System Integration




Lead Management

Achievements with REsimpli


Growth in Deals

Moving from 1 deal a month to 10-15 a month, Alejandro’s business has seen a 10x increase in deals.


Increase in Revenue

With more deals coming in each month with less effort being required due to the automated features, the business is seeing increases in revenue.


Cost Reduction

The business requires no more additional costs of different systems and platforms, as everything is available built-in with REsimpli.

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