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Dean Rogers

Strategic Growth Through Innovative Solutions:
Dean Rogers with REsimpli


Dean Rogers is an esteemed real estate investor and a valued member of the California market. With eight years of experience in the field, Dean started his journey through wholesaling and has successfully transitioned to a strategy focusing on both wholesaling and growing a significant rental portfolio. His seven-figure business and team of seven stand as a testament to his dedication and innovative approach.

Operating Market

Central California
Dean is an expert in the Central Valley market, operating from a distance but maintaining a strong presence through virtual management and a trusted business partner locally

Favorite REsimpli Features

    • Automated Drip Campaigns: Tailored follow-up strategies for leads.
    • KPI Tracking: Instant insights with in-built, to-the-penny KPI analytics.
    • File Management: Organized and accessible file storage for each property.

Before and After REsimpli

Before REsimpli

Manual Labor-Intensive Processes: Reliant on Google Sheets, with tedious manual entry for acquisitions and KPI tracking.
Lack of Automation: Needed to manually update and manage data, leading to inefficiencies.
Insufficient CRM Systems: Attempted to use Podio but found it overly complicated and not fit for purpose.

After REsimpli

Operational Efficiency: Shifted from hands-on management to strategic oversight with automated systems.
Data-Driven Decisions: Utilizes live KPI data for instant business insights.
Team Empowerment: Lead managers now run operations smoothly, thanks to intuitive CRM navigation.

Dean's Experience with REsimpli

Dean Rogers' transition to REsimpli was a game-changer. He appreciates the simplicity and sophistication of the CRM, which supports the diverse needs of real estate investors. The automation and data analysis tools have significantly reduced the time spent on manual operations, allowing Dean to focus on scaling his business. He now enjoys a transparent view of his operations, underpinned by a solid foundation of reliable data.

Features REPLACED By REsimpli


Drip Campaigns


KPI Tracking


Phone System



Achievements with REsimpli


Growth in Closed Deals

Aiming for 150 closed deals in 2022, with 14 deals in January and 18 in February.


Increased Revenue

Generated over a million dollars through a referral program, with REsimpli’s data insights contributing to its success.


Enhanced Marketing Efficiency

Effective use of various marketing channels, including direct mail, PPC, and TV ads, bolstered by REsimpli’s analytical capabilities.

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