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Jason Lee

Jason Lee’s Story of Optimized Performance in Property Investment with REsimpli


Jason Lee, an avid real estate investor in the dynamic San Antonio market, has been leveraging REsimpli to maximize his investment strategies. With a broad portfolio that includes single-family homes, mobile homes, land, and commercial deals, Jason has been adept at navigating various investment exit strategies. His focus on wholesaling, BRRRR, hotels, and flips demonstrates a versatile approach to real estate

Operating Market

San Antonio to Austin, Texas
Operating physically in the heart of Texas, Jason’s investment reach extends from San Antonio to Austin. His on-the-ground presence in these markets ensures a hands-on approach to his diverse investment ventures.

Favorite REsimpli Features

    • Lead Tracking and Categorization: Efficiently manage leads with categorization and filtering to prioritize tasks for hot prospects.
    • Activity Tracking: Monitors team performance in real-time, ensuring accountability and productivity.

Before and After REsimpli

Before REsimpli

No Prior CRM: Before adopting REsimpli, Jason wasn’t using a CRM system. His operations needed structure and a system that could grow with his business.
System Integration Challenge: Was considering complex CRM options that required extensive customization and third-party services.
Data Management and Marketing Efficiency: Needed a robust solution for managing large volumes of data and marketing efforts effectively.

After REsimpli

Seamless System Implementation: Chose REsimpli for its simplicity and robust feature set tailored to real estate investment needs.
Responsive and Dynamic CRM Evolution: Appreciates REsimpli’s responsiveness to user feedback and continuous system enhancements.
Comprehensive Feature Integration: Benefits from the integrated features, from drip campaigns to detailed activity tracking for the team.

REsimpli's Impact

Moving to REsimpli marked a significant shift in how we handle our real estate investments. The drip campaigns and lead management systems have revolutionized our follow-up processes. It’s the responsiveness and constant evolution of REsimpli that impress me the most. It's rare to find a company so dedicated to user feedback and so capable of making real-time improvements

Features REPLACED By REsimpli










Team Performance

Achievements with REsimpli


Deal Volume Increase

Averages about six deals a month, attributing organizational efficiency and lead management improvements to REsimpli.


Streamlined Team Operations

Manages a small yet highly effective team, with plans to expand, by utilizing REsimpli’s task management and communication tools.


Marketing Channel Insights

With REsimpli, Jason gains valuable insights into the performance of different marketing channels, enhancing decision-making.

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