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Kent Mueller

“It Simplifies Your life”
One Man Army Real Estate Investor Relies on REsimpli


It’s been 14 months since Kent Mueller ventured out on his own as a solo real estate investor. From answering the calls to handling the marketing, sales, and contracting, to attending the closing tables, Kent does it all. He closed 40 contracts last year and is averaging 4 contracts a month all on his own. REsimpli has been his reliable assistant since the start.

Operating Market

He operates as a real estate investor in Indianapolis and surrounding counties. While primarily a wholesaler, he also occasionally does some flips.

Favorite REsimpli Features

  1. Efficient Task Management: Automatic reminders streamline tasks.
  2. Automatic Drip Campaigns: Convert leads with automated follow-ups.
  3. Affordability: All-in-one solution saves Kent from multiple subscriptions.
  4. User-friendly: Intuitive interface for easy navigation.

Before and After REsimpli

Before REsimpli

Expensive Subscriptions: Other CRM software that he tried using were significantly expensive, reducing his profit margins.
Difficult user experience: It was difficult to get things working with other software, as well as to navigate to and perform all actions from complicated program layouts.
Unsuitable system: The CRM software he used before wasn’t built for Real Estate, Kent deeply felt a lack of customization in his grasp.

After REsimpli

Affordable: REsimpli is highly affordable even for up-and-coming real estate investors with smaller budget.
Ease of Use:A User-friendly and simple interface makes using the software, its features, and overviewing the operations and progress of the business is fast and easy.
Customized for Investors: REsimpli is made specifically for Real Estate investors to help them close more deals.

Kent’s Experience with REsimpli

Listening to his mentor’s advise, Kent joined REsimpli in his early investor journey. The efficiency and effectiveness delivered by REsimpli can be summarized by Kent’s Words- “It helps you manage your life. You don’t feel like the business is running you, but you’re running the business”. The user-friendliness, usefulness, and reliability of the consistent service provided by REsimpli has helped him scale up to 40+ deals a year. REsimpli enabled him to make his operations more efficient and scalable.

Features REPLACED By REsimpli


Automatic Drip Campaigns


Efficient Task Management


User-friendly System

Achievements with REsimpli


Closed more deals

Using the time and energy saved, along with ease of operation, Kent successfully closed 40 deals last year.


Simplified Operations

Business is now smoother due to easier management.


Reduced Cost

Having all the features readily available helped him invest more in real estate, and less in software.  

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