REsimpli's Ecosystem: A Game Changer for Jeremy - Case Study
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Jeremy Davis

Jeremy Davis Elevating the Game with Tailored Solutions with REsimpli


Jeremy Davis has carved out a niche as a creative finance guru in the competitive Utah real estate market and nationwide. Specializing in a variety of deal types, from wholesale to seller financing, Jeremy’s approach is uniquely multifaceted. With his extensive background in PPC and JV deals and spearheading a VA company, Jeremy brings a wealth of knowledge and an expansive view of real estate marketing strategies.

Operating Market

Utah and Nationwide
Jeremy’s expertise is not confined by location. While he has a strong base in Utah, his collaborations with a major nationwide mentorship expand his reach, enabling him to lock in deals across the country with a focus on innovative, creative finance solutions.

Favorite REsimpli Features

    • KPI Tracking: Harness the power of detailed analytics for precise business evaluation.
    • List Stacking: Maximize marketing efforts with sophisticated lead prioritization.
    • Drip Campaigns: Engage leads with automated campaigns that keep warm prospects engaged.
    • Team Performance Metrics: Monitor each team member’s contribution with granular tasks and performance tracking.

Before and After REsimpli

Before REsimpli

Custom CRM Limitations: Despite a fully customized Podio setup, Jeremy sought a more efficient solution to accommodate growth.
Desire for Integration: The need for a system that could consolidate KPIs, bookkeeping, and provide comprehensive financial tracking became paramount.
Complex System Changes: Making adjustments was laborious, requiring extensive backend modifications and third-party applications.

After REsimpli

All-Inclusive CRM: REsimpli provided an all-encompassing system that aligns with the needs of high-performing real estate operations.
Automated Efficiency: With advanced features like list stacking and drip campaigns, Jeremy’s team operates at peak efficiency.
Responsive Design Development: REsimpli’s team, led by Sharad’s passion, swiftly implements user feedback for continuous improvement

REsimpli's Ecosystem: A Game Changer for Jeremy

REsimpli isn’t just a tool; it’s the backbone of my operation. The transition was like breaking free from a dysfunctional relationship. What REsimpli brings to the table isn't one single standout feature—it's the entire ecosystem that operates seamlessly together, providing an unparalleled experience in managing my real estate business.

Features REPLACED By REsimpli










Team Management

Achievements with REsimpli


Nationwide Expansion

Successfully scaled operations across various states, leveraging REsimpli’s centralized system to manage deals from Utah to the East Coast.


Enhanced Team Productivity

With REsimpli’s task management and performance metrics, Jeremy’s team has seen a marked improvement in efficiency and output, leading to a higher volume of closed deals.


Streamlined Marketing Efforts

By utilizing REsimpli’s list stacking and drip campaigns, Jeremy has optimized his marketing strategy, resulting in a significant increase in warm lead conversions and a more robust pipeline.

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