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Auto Dialer, REsimpli

Features that Set Us Apart

Auto Dialer, REsimpli

All-in-One Interface:

From phone numbers to property details, and from marketing history to related properties - everything is at your fingertips.

Auto Dialer, REsimpli

Streamlined Options:

Choose from diverse dialer options, equip yourself with effective call scripts, and swiftly move or save leads.

Auto Dialer, REsimpli

Simplified Dialing:

With our system, every action is intuitive, ensuring you can focus on the conversation rather than the process.


Automatic, Instant, Efficient

Integrated directly into the REsimpli CRM, our auto-dialer ensures you connect with leads instantly. No waiting, no missed opportunities.
Auto Dialer, REsimpli
Auto Dialer, REsimpli

Unified Calling Platform

Wherever your leads come from – be it your website, Driving for Dollars, or uploaded, our Dialer is ready to connect you in an instant. Plus, make rapid calls from your stacked list without a second’s delay.

User-Friendly Features For Every Caller

Auto Dialer, REsimpli

Click to Dial:

Ideal for beginners in real estate investment, offering a familiar, speed-dialing experience.

Auto Dialer, REsimpli

Abandon Call After:

Set a specific call duration to optimize your time and move on if a lead isn’t showing promise.

Auto Dialer, REsimpli

Personalized Phone Status:

Label contacts with statuses like DNC or 'Keeps Ringing'. Ensure you're always reaching out at the right moment.

Auto Dialer, REsimpli
Auto Dialer, REsimpli

Always Leave A Mark

Didn’t get an answer? No worries. Our voicemail system lets you leave pre-recorded, professional messages ensuring you always make an impression.

Master the Art of Cold Calling

Use our script templates to enhance every call. With REsimpli’s recording, revisit conversations anytime, allowing for focused calls and later note-taking.
Auto Dialer, REsimpli
Auto Dialer, REsimpli

Seamless, Dynamic, Effective

With our advanced lead dialer, seamlessly follow up with leads, assign tasks mid-call, capture notes, update property info, tag relevant details, and kick-start drip campaigns. All streamlined for efficient lead conversion.

Everything You Need, Under One Roof

Forget multiple platforms and extra expenses. REsimpli's Dialer System is your comprehensive solution to make every call count.