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Noah Gilliom’s Story of Amplifying Success in Competitive Markets with REsimpli


Noah Gilliom’s, alongside his partner, is a forward-thinking real estate investor based in Indianapolis, Indiana. With expansive operations also in Dallas and Philadelphia, Noah’s team has successfully navigated multiple markets, demonstrating versatility in wholesaling, fix-and-flips, and maintaining a portfolio of rental properties. His journey with REsimpli has been transformative, leveraging the platform to excel in a highly competitive space.

Operating Market

Indianapolis, Dallas, Philadelphia
The heart of operations in Indianapolis, supported by dedicated teams on the ground in Dallas and Philadelphia, enables Noah’s team to perform at peak efficiency across different regions.

Favorite REsimpli Features

  1. Task Management: Enhanced ability to manage a diverse team with a robust task system.
  2. Drip Campaigns: Automated, seamless follow-up system that elevates lead conversion.

Before and After REsimpli

Before REsimpli

Scattered Task Management: With a growing team spread across multiple markets, managing tasks and ensuring everyone was aligned became increasingly complex.
Inefficient Lead Follow-up: The team was using a mix of CRMs, which led to disjointed drip campaigns and follow-ups, making it difficult to maintain consistent lead nurturing.
Data Migration Concerns: The thought of transferring valuable data between systems was daunting, raising fears of losing leads or encountering system errors.

After REsimpli

Centralized Task Oversight: The robust task management system in REsimpli allows Noah to easily oversee his team’s tasks, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks and everyone knows their daily objectives.
Automated Drip Campaigns: REsimpli’s sophisticated drip campaigns handle the majority of lead follow-ups, freeing the team to focus on higher-level strategies and personal touches where needed.
Seamless Data Transition: The switch to REsimpli was smooth and worry-free, with a support team that guided Noah’s team through every step, ensuring a successful migration without data loss.

Noah's Experience with REsimpli

The versatility and ease of using REsimpli's features have been integral to our success. The system's capability to manage tasks, record communication, and automate follow-ups has not only streamlined our operations but also provided the data we need for continuous improvement. The support and customer service experience have been exceptional—prompt, effective, and always ready to resolve any issues, making REsimpli more than just a CRM, but a vital partner in our growth.

Features REPLACED By REsimpli







Achievements with REsimpli


Operational Efficiency

Streamlined task and communication management, enhancing portfolio handling across multiple markets.


Increased Deal Flow

Notable growth in the number and diversity of real estate transactions since adopting REsimpli.


Team Expansion and Management

Facilitated growth to a nine-member core team with improved oversight and systemization.


Take the Leap with REsimpli

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