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How To Make Sure You Never Let A Lead Fall Through The Cracks

  Sharad Mehta, owner and CEO of REsimpli, summarizes the way his company works with REsimpli to optimize lead scoring, tracking, and follow through. Using the preloaded functions on REsimpli, you are able to see a high-level overview of your tasks due, open leads, and your internal inbox. The best way to make sure you don’t lose out on real

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What is Real Estate Wholesaling?

Much safer than stocks and bonds, real estate wholesaling and investing provides a much more tangible opportunity to grow your personal wealth and secure your financial future. Whereas stocks and bonds are volatile and subject to the market and DOW, real estate is a secure financial investment as it is a human necessity. Real estate wholesaling is when a wholesaler

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By Sharad Mehta
24th May, 2022