Struggling To Find Your Next Wholesale Deal?

Lead Flow for Real Estate Investors

Team members are an invaluable asset in real estate. With each member playing a specific role, the goal of closing more deals becomes easily attainable. More so, with the effective use of lead flow. The lead flow process is about converting newly created leads to appointments. And the goal of these appointments is to get the property on a contract.

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Real Estate Business Lead Flow from Start to Finish

Learn how to use Sharad Mehta’s tried-and-true lead flow for maximizing your conversions and re-generating leads in your real estate business. In this video, he explains his method using his real estate software, REsimpli. At the outset, he lists his marketing venues. In this case, PPC and SEO have their own inbound bucket, and Direct Mail, SMS, and Cold Calling

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By Sharad Mehta
16th Jun, 2022