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How to Optimize SMS Marketing for Business Success

How to Optimize SMS Marketing for Business Success

Optimizing SMS Marketing for Business Success

Sometimes texting leads grabs their attention better than calling or emailing or direct mail. Which is precisely why we built automated SMS campaigns into REsimpli’s marketing platform. 

But increasingly, wireless carriers have cracked down on unsolicited and spam SMS messaging. For example, T-Mobile has started fining companies for SMS violations. 

So how can you use SMS campaigns in your real estate investing business without getting flagged or fined by carriers? 

Stick to these best practices for maximum SMS deliverability and results among your leads.

1. Call Cold Leads Rather than Texting

Don’t send spammy SMS messages to strangers. 

When you have a cold lead that you want to reach out to and initiate a conversation with, pick up the phone and call them. You can use REsimpli’s built-in dialer to keep this process fast and simple, and to track all call activity.

You can also try emailing cold leads, or contacting them through direct mail. Again, REsimpli can automate both communications as part of a drip campaign.  

In short, don’t initiate first contact by SMS.

2. Only Text Leads You’ve Already Connected With

If you’ve already started a conversation with a lead, SMS messages offer a great way to continue it or follow up on it. 

Just beware not to lean on SMS messages too heavily with leads who ghosted you. When a lead goes cold, consider the conversation over until you can reinitiate it through other means.

3. Avoid Spam Keywords

Wireless carriers use algorithms to identify spam SMS messages. And those algorithms look for certain keywords often used by SMS spammers. 

For instance, here are a few red-flag keywords to avoid:

  • 100% free
  • No Cost
  • Free Quote
  • Serious Cash
  • Guaranteed
  • Sign Up Free Today
  • Subscribe

We compiled a full list of over 180 SMS spam keywords flagged by many carriers, and avoid using them in your text campaigns and interactions.

Avoiding these keywords doesn’t guarantee your messages will get through unflagged. Likewise, using them doesn’t mean your messages will definitely get flagged. But you boost your odds of successful messaging and deliverability by avoiding them.

4. Build Your Trust Score with the Carriers

Cell phone carriers track your business and its SMS activity, and they assign a trust score to you. 

That score attaches to your EIN, much like a personal credit score attaches to your Social Security number. Carriers share their information to calculate your score. So, switching carriers won’t wipe the slate clean with a new score, just like switching credit cards won’t fix your bad credit history.

The better you play within the rules of the game, the better your trust score. And the better your trust score, the better your SMS deliverability will be. 

5. Never Buy or Sell Phone Numbers

It sounds obvious, but it bears stating directly: never buy lists of phone numbers to spam. Sending mass text messages to strangers is a surefire way to get flagged as a spammer with a low trust score.

Only text leads who gave you their phone number themselves.

Similarly, don’t ever sell those phone numbers. Hard stop.

Final Thoughts

Text messages often work where other contact methods fail. But precisely because they’re so powerful, carriers have cracked down on abuse. 

Use your powers for good not for evil, and you’ll earn far more in the long term as a real estate investor. Incorporate SMS messaging as one piece of the puzzle as you communicate with warm leads, and only to continue an existing conversation.