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Week 6 results – 1 new deal

Since my update last week, we have landed another deal in Hammond, IN. The deal we landed is actually very interesting. We had sent letters to this seller last month and he called us to see how much we would offer. Turns out he is an investor and wants to sell for full market value which of course, as a real estate investor is against my religion to pay full retail for a house. So naturally, we said we will pass but we asked him to get in touch with us if anything changes. He had originally called us on Apr 6 and then he received another letter from us last week and he called us again on May 10th.

Something had changed with his motivation so he called us May 10, we set an appointment to look at his house on May 12th and had it under contract. We are hoping to close on Friday, May 18th depending on everything is good with the title work.

The house is rented for $895 with a long-term tenant and in really great condition but he is looking to retire and he saw the benefit of selling to us will be quick close and no hassle.

Other than this one deal, we have couple of potentials that we are waiting to hear back from so hopefully, some of them will convert.

As of today, 61.34% of the calls we have received are Dead Leads. We are doing more research on finding highly motivated sellers to improve our conversion rate.