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Sharad’s Direct Mail results after 5 weeks of mailing

Sharad’s Direct Mail results after 5 weeks of mailing

I was traveling last week and couldn’t take out time to write a blog so this entry is as of Thursday, May 10, 2018

Below is the summary of my leads so far:

Lead Analytics May 10, 2018

I have had total of 104 leads come in these past 5 weeks. I have closed on 3 properties and have 4 under contract waiting to close. I am hoping for 2 of them to close this week and another 2 in early June.

We have 4 appointments set to look at properties. We also have 2 properties where we made offers and are waiting to hear back from the seller. 1 seller seems motivated but another investor is looking at their property tomorrow and then they will decide so I will find out about one of them tomorrow and the other one doesn’t look like will go anywhere.

My lists are getting hit for 2nd time now and more of the callers seem motivated, which is good. They are not as motivated as I would like them to be but they are calling. I feel like I am not getting as many calls from people wanting to be taken off the list.

I have had some sellers call and ask us to drive by their properties and make them an offer.

One strange thing I notice with some of the callers is that they will call in and speak with someone at PatLive and leave their information and sound motivated but when we call them back, we don’t hear back from them and we just keep leaving messages.

As of this week, we are converting our deals at 6.73%. In other words, out of 104 leads that have come in, we are averaging approx 15 leads before we convert them into a deal.