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Sharad Mehta’s High Equity List – Jan 15, 2018

Sharad Mehta’s High Equity List – Jan 15, 2018

Sharad Mehta’s High Equity List

Below is the criteria for my 2nd list that I mailed to. For the list below, I came up with 5,450 records so rather than doing all the mailing at once, I am splitting the mailing in 3 parts to make the calls more manageable. Each week I will be mailing around 1,816 postcards. So my mailing schedule as of now is:

Week 1 (Mailing Date – Jan 2) – Absentee Owner List (Link to Absentee Owner Blog)

Week 2 (Mailing Date – Jan 8) – Part 1 of the list below

Week 3 (Mailing Date – Jan 15) – Part 2 of the list below

Week 4 (Mailing Date – Jan 22) – Part 3 of the list below

Week 5 and onwards – repeat from Week 1 mailing

I mailed the exact same postcard to High Equity list as I did for Absentee Owner list to compare the call back rate between the two lists. I will post the results of my Week 2 mailing in couple of days.

Hammond, IN
Griffith, IN
Crown Point, IN
Highland, IN
Schererville, IN
Munster, IN
Hobart, IN
Merrillville, IN

Property Type
Residential: Townhouse
Residential: Triplex
Residential: Quad
Residential: Sfr
Residential: Condominium
Residential: Pud
Residential: Duplex

51 To 60 %
61 To 70 %
71 To 80 %
81 To 90 %
91 To 100 %

Last Market Sale Date

Exclude Corporate-owned