Overview of Dashboard

Overview of Dashboard

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Overview Of New Dashboard

1. After signing in to https://resimpli.com/, the system will open the Homepage of a team. A dashboard will be displayed.

2. The upper part of the Dashboard displays the following information:

  1. Numbers of SMS Sent
  2. Number of Calls Made
  3. Average Call Time
  4. Number of Touches/ Deal
  5. Number of Assigned Leads
  6. Number of Open Leads

3. The Comment section shows the last two hundred fifty comments recorded by the system.

a. To reply in a comment, click on the upper right corner to display the β€œReply” button and click. Send Message tab will open.

b. Type the message or select from the SMS Templates. Click Send Message.

c. To pin a message, click the β€œπŸ“Œβ€ icon. Pinned messages can be viewed on the β€œPinned” tab.

β€œComment Pinned Successfully” will pop up on the upper right corner of the screen.

d. Click the β€œPinned” tab to show all Pinned messages.

4. The Task section shows all the pending tasks assigned specifically to the person logged in to the system.

a. To update a task, click the Task details. The Task tab will open. Make necessary updates. Click Update Task.

 5. The Communication section is where the last two hundred fifty saved communications with the Leads are listed. These include incoming/ outgoing calls, SMS, MMS, and emails..

Communication section

a. To know about the context of the conversation, click on the Call button to call back to the specific Lead.

b. To go to the Leads page, click the Leads’ details (blue fonts).

c. To reply to a message, click Reply. Fill out the Send Message tab. Select from the message template or create a message. Add attachment if necessary. Click Send. Note: The message will be logged on the specific property’s activity log

d. Refer to the icons below and their meaning: