How to generate WebForm link?

How to send a Sms to Buyer

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How To Generate Web Form Link

1. After signing in, go to the left sidebar menu. 

2. Click General WebForms.

3. A blank Web Form will open.

4. Manage the Web Form. All questions that need/ want to be sent to the customer must be set to VISIBLE (default settings: HIDDEN). 

Note: “Selected question is visible” notice will be displayed at the upper right corner of the window.

5. To customize the questions:

a. Go to the right sidebar menu. Click Custom Questions under CUSTOMIZATION. Go to the Leads section.

Custom Questions

b. Select from the questions to customize. Click the edit (✐) icon on the selected question. A new window will open.  Customize the question. Click Update Questions.

Update Questions

6. Once the WebForm is ready (setting the necessary question to VISIBLE), click Copy Clipboard, a notification will pop up stating Link Copied to Clipboard. The link can then be sent to the customer outside REsimpli.

See the image below of how the questions will reach customers.