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How to Find Wholesale Properties: The Essential Guide

How to Find Wholesale Properties: The Essential Guide

How to Find Wholesale Properties: The Essential Guide

The world of real estate investing is vast and varied, with numerous strategies for all professionals to consider. One avenue of investment that has garnered significant attention from many pros, especially in the dynamic market of 2024, is the pursuit of wholesale properties. But before investing in wholesale properties, you need to know how to find wholesale properties. 

If you’ve ever wondered about this avenue of investment or how to get started, you’re in the right place.

Introduction: The Basics

In the simplest terms, wholesale properties are those acquired in cash below market value by investors who aim to sell them quickly, often to cash buyers, for a fast profit. Unlike traditional property investments and the pursuit of distressed properties, wholesaling doesn’t usually involve renovations or improvements to the property. Instead, it focuses on the rapid handover of properties and ownership, allowing the wholesaler and eventual buyer to benefit in their own ways.

With the real estate landscape in 2023 becoming increasingly competitive and fast-paced, the ability to find wholesale properties can offer a critical edge to investors looking to make a name for themselves. Rising property values and a shrinking inventory have made it more challenging than ever to secure profitable deals, leading many investors to struggle with maintaining a consistent stream of income. 

The recent surge in interest and demand for these properties has elevated the importance of finding wholesale properties quickly and efficiently. Throughout this guide, you’ll gain valuable insights into exactly what wholesale properties are, the advantages of investing in them, and—most crucially—how to find them amid today’s bustling real estate market.

Diving into the world of wholesale real estate properties, investors can find a pathway to deals that may otherwise remain hidden, providing an opportunity to maximize returns and build a strong portfolio in record time—even in the most saturated markets.

With this understanding in mind, we’ll delve deeper into the realm of wholesale properties, shedding light on their many intricacies and showcasing the necessary strategies to unearth these valuable investment gems.

What Are Wholesale Properties?

As the allure of becoming a real estate investor continues to capture the imagination of budding entrepreneurs and seasoned industry professionals alike, understanding the myriad of opportunities within the sector is crucial. 

Defining Wholesale Properties:

Wholesale properties are real estate assets that investors can acquire in fast transactions below market value. The primary objective of real estate wholesaling isn’t to hold onto the property for years of increased valuation or even to renovate it but rather to sell it as quickly as possible—typically to another investor. 

This process can be explained as a sort of middleman approach in real estate, facilitating deals between different professionals. The wholesaler essentially steps in between a homeowner and another investor, secures a property under contract for a discounted price, and then sells that contract to a prospective buyer, ideally for a higher price, making a profit from the difference.

The role of wholesalers is distinct in the grand scheme of the real estate game. Property wholesalers are akin to professional sports scouts, constantly on the lookout for undervalued properties and motivated sellers looking to get rid of them quickly.

Once they’ve identified a potentially profitable deal, they secure an agreement with the seller, only to sell that agreement to interested investors who’ll take on the property in no time. It’s a fast-paced system built on swift decision-making, interpersonal networking, and an acute understanding of market dynamics.

Advantages of Investing in Wholesale Properties:

Lower Capital Requirement: Unlike traditional real estate investments, being a wholesaler typically requires less upfront capital, as it’s not the wholesaler purchasing the property outright—rather, they are securing the rights to buy it and sell it on to someone with a lot of cash.

Quick Returns: Given the rapid turnaround nature of real estate wholesaling, investors can see their profits in shorter timeframes. While the payoff may not be as significant as more conventional real estate investment strategies, it can be a great way to set up a consistent income stream.

Reduced Risk: Since wholesalers don’t hold onto properties for extended periods or have to invest in costly renovations, they’re often less exposed to market volatility or unexpected property issues—you get in and out of every deal quickly.

Learning Opportunity: For newcomers to their investing careers, wholesaling provides an excellent crash course on market mechanics, negotiations, and networking without the same sizeable financial commitments that come with other investment strategies.

Volume Over Value: Wholesaling allows investors to focus on a volume-based strategy, securing multiple deals in quick succession, which can cumulatively result in substantial profits over time.

Networking: Engaging in wholesaling inherently demands building a robust network of investors, agents, and sellers because of the nature of transactions. Building this network can prove invaluable for future real estate endeavors—whether in wholesaling or other investment avenues, professional partnerships can go a very long way.

How to Find Wholesale Properties—10 Key Tips

Finding wholesale properties can often feel like treasure hunting across the vast map that is the real estate business. The hidden gems are out there, but it requires a mix of strategy, diligence, and even a touch of luck in some cases. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best ways to find wholesale properties to guide your quest for these valuable assets.

1. Networking with Local Real Estate Professionals

Along with being one of the core benefits of becoming a real estate wholesaler, networking is also one of the most effective ways to discover good wholesale deals. By building connections with local real estate agents, brokers, and other professionals, you can often gain valuable access to firsthand knowledge about distressed properties or motivated sellers. 

You can network by regularly attending local or national real estate seminars, workshops, and meet-ups, with positive interactions with other professionals opening doors to potential deals. It’s also worth noting that you can make connections on online professional networks, such as LinkedIn.

2. Joining Real Estate Investment Clubs

Real estate investment clubs or associations are platforms that take networking to the next level, offering a place for investors to share insights, deals, and resources. These aren’t just like seminars, where you can meet other professionals; they’re a dedicated space for talking shop with the best of the best. 

Becoming an active member of an investment club can provide you with a continuous stream of potential wholesale deals, along with other valuable opportunities.

3. Exploring Online Marketplaces

Platforms such as, or specialized wholesale marketplaces, such as OfferMarket, offer listings that you can filter to uncover potential wholesale deals. They’re not always packed to the gills with these sorts of opportunities, but if you know how to use them, they can be an invaluable source of opportunities. 

Regularly monitoring these platforms and knowing how to find wholesale properties on them can be a goldmine for dedicated investors.

4. Direct Mail Campaigns

Reaching out to homeowners directly through targeted direct mail campaigns can yield results, employing a more dedicated personal approach than calling or emailing alone. By focusing on areas with older homes or places that show signs of distress, your efforts can identify owners who might be considering selling below market value.

It’s important to personalize your direct mail approach, as sending pieces that feel too general can lead to your efforts being ignored.

5. Drive for Dollars

Driving for dollars, much like direct mailing campaigns, is one of the most old-fashioned, time-honored approaches to real estate investing. This grassroots strategy, when used in wholesaling, involves driving around neighborhoods, looking for properties that appear distressed or vacant, and then doing your due diligence in researching their owners and histories. 

Once you identify a good property, you can reach out to the owner directly to negotiate potential deals. It can take time, but with the right app and strategy, it can be highly profitable.

6. Engage with Wholesaling Companies

Several companies focus exclusively on wholesaling, making them an obvious choice for wholesalers to invest time in. As with traditional networking, establishing a relationship with them ensures you get firsthand access when new properties are available for assignment.

Do plenty of market research in your area to find these companies, then put your best foot forward when attempting to engage in a professional relationship with them. 

7. Use Public Records

Foreclosure listings, tax liens, and probate cases are public records that anyone can access easily. Scouring these public records can provide leads on potential wholesale properties, with pre-foreclosure properties an excellent choice for wholesaling. 

Regular visits to the local courthouse or online databases, such as the NETR, can uncover these opportunities.

8. Auctions

Property auctions—offline and online, such as—are surefire venues for finding distressed properties for sale. Because of the nature of these events, the properties are often sold at prices that align with wholesaling strategies.

Remember, auctions aren’t an exact science, and usually there’s a fair amount of competition going after each and every property. You have to be smart when bidding to ensure a profit.

9. Establishing an Online Presence

Setting up a website or a social media page dedicated to your interest in purchasing wholesale or distressed properties is a great way to attract potential sellers. The world is increasingly taking place online, so being visible and accessible in the digital space makes it easier for deals to come to you.

When setting up your online presence, remember the tenets of SEO and social media trends. Ensure all of your content is optimized and easy to find; otherwise, you risk it getting lost in the crowd.

10. Evaluating Potential Wholesale Properties

Once you’ve identified a potential wholesale property through any of the methods described above, it’s vital that you give it a thorough evaluation.

Understanding the local market dynamics of your area, assessing the property’s condition, and considering the potential renovation costs for whoever buys it from you are all essential practices. 

Tools such as the BiggerPockets Property Analysis Calculator can be invaluable for this process, giving calculated estimations for you to make decisions.

By integrating a few of these strategies and tools into your wholesaling endeavors, you enhance your chances of uncovering those promising, strong-earning deals. As is the case with all real estate investments, the combination of research, networking, and persistence will be your guiding star in the hunt for profitable wholesale properties.


The realm of wholesale real estate is as alluring as it is challenging. Amid the vast landscape of properties and deals, wholesale opportunities stand out as unique deals, offering investors the promise of quick returns with reduced risk. 

But wholesale transactions don’t just lay out in the open, waiting to be claimed. Knowing how to find wholesale properties requires a blend of traditional methods, innovation, and outside-the-box thinking.

As this guide has shown, from leveraging digital platforms to taking grassroots approaches, such as driving for dollars, there is a plethora of ways to discover wholesale properties. The key is in each investor finding the methods that resonate with their own unique strengths, the resources at their disposal, and their area’s market dynamics.

The beauty of wholesale property investing lies in its flexibility. By exploring the various strategies outlined in this article, investors can tailor their approach, ensuring they’re operating at their most efficient and effective every single time.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the world of real estate, it’s important to challenge yourself to venture into unfamiliar territories while still playing to your strengths. 

Remember, the world of wholesale properties is as rewarding as you make it. For more on the investment industry, visit our blog today!