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Mailers for Real Estate: 15 Effective Examples

Mailers for Real Estate: 15 Effective Examples

Mailers for Real Estate: 15 Effective Examples

The real estate industry only gets more competitive every day. So you need to use every tool in your arsenal to reach your potential clients in a unique, effective manner. 

While digital marketing is at the top of most priority lists in the modern day, you can’t discredit the efficacy of more traditional methods. The technique we’re going to focus on in this blog is the use of mailers for real estate marketing—physical letters, postcards, and flyers that are sent directly to the homes of potential clients. 

Throughout this guide, we’re going to break down the basics of direct mail for real estate marketing, along with offering a variety of examples of real estate mailer templates and businesses where you can acquire them.

What are Real Estate Mailers?

Real estate mailers are physical marketing materials sent directly to targeted individuals or areas, generally based on your own pre-determined real estate mailing list. Mailers for real estate can take the form of postcards, brochures, flyers, or letters, with the common goal of capturing the attention of your potential clients. They can share your portfolio as a way of selling property to your leads, encourage homeowners to sell with you, and serve other purposes. 

They’re not just used to share specific opportunities and generate leads, but they’re also an effective way to establish a local brand presence and nurture relationships with current/former clients. 

Where real estate direct mail marketing differs from the digital form is in its tangibility. Giving your leads something to hold and look at makes your efforts more memorable and personal, and it’s these personal connections that will actually result in those all-important handshakes. Using mailers for real estate makes you stand out from the competition while creating a stronger, lasting impression on your audience. 

Types of Real Estate Mailers

In the realm of real estate mailers, you can choose from a variety of styles and methods. We’ve broken down some of the most common forms.

Just Listed/Just Sold Mailers

These mailers are used to show the properties that you’ve recently sold or put on the market, showcasing your portfolio and the standard of property that you’re working with to potential leads. “Just Sold” mailers are especially effective, as they position you as a successful entity.

Neighborhood Market Update Mailers

These mailers provide value to potential leads, offering useful information on market trends, property values, and recent sales in specific neighborhoods. This helps to build your brand as an industry expert in the area.

Open House Invitations

Open houses are the best way to showcase both properties and your personality. But you need an audience, which can be built with physical invitations sent around the area.

Seasonal/Holiday Greeting Mailers

Showing past and potential clients that you care with personalized seasonal or holiday greetings is a great way to build rapport and maintain strong relationships.

Personalized Letters

Using your research and past experiences to personalize letters to specific recipients is a useful way to establish a stronger connection, letting them know they’re not just part of an automated system.

Testimonial Mailers

Testimonial mailers are a beneficial way to showcase your expertise through sharing positive feedback from satisfied clients, so newer leads can see your history of success.

Referral Request Mailers

Word of mouth is vital, so you can use these mailers to generate it. Make sure to offer some incentive to your former clients, so they are inclined to refer you to friends and family, growing your customer base.

Farming Mailers

These are more general mailers for real estate, targeting specific neighborhoods or geographic areas to generate brand awareness, showcase listings, and attract potential buyers or sellers.

There’s clearly a wide range of methods that you can use when planning your mailers for real estate, so it’s important to choose the right angle for the specific audience that you’re targeting with each of them.

Real Estate Mailer Ideas, Tips & Examples

Remember that mailers for real estate are a visual medium, so capturing your target audience’s interest will be the result of a visually appealing style. You can take different approaches to your visual and written style, so we’re sharing some tips and examples here.

Bold and Eye-Catching Colors

Vibrant colors will pop off the page, resulting in mailers that stand out more effectively in the mailbox. Color is associated with emotion by nature, so using it wisely can evoke the right sense of your business or proposition. For example, colors like red signify urgency, while cool blues create a sense of calm.

High-Quality Images

If you’re sharing images of your properties, make sure that they’re professionally shot and high-quality. This will result in a more accurate mailer while also showcasing the standards of your business.

Clear and Concise Headlines

Catch their attention from the first moment with a clear, eye-catching, concise headline in large, bold font that communicates a message in a matter of seconds.

Call to Action

In any of your materials, you should make it clear what you want your target audience to do with the information you’ve provided. Whether it’s visiting your website, calling your business number, or attending an open house, it’s important to grab attention and encourage action.

Creative Formats

If you really want your mailers for real estate to stand out, you can explore unique mailer formats, such as folded or die-cut designs. Designs like these will make your mailers stand out from the competition.

QR Codes

Incorporate QR codes on your mailers that link to virtual tours, property listings, or landing pages so leads can immediately access more information. This can streamline operations to the more active sides of your business.

Now, let’s dive into 15 effective examples of real estate mailers:

Just Listed Postcard

Just Listed Postcard

These are postcards that showcase newly listed properties in a visually appealing way while including the core details of the space, along with your contact information. They showcase a particular property that you’re trying to sell while also demonstrating the pedigree of your business operation.

Neighborhood Market Update Brochure

mailers for real estate, REsimpli

These brochures highlight local market trends, recent sales, and expert insights for your target neighborhood. This offers value to potential clients and increases your credibility as an agent.

Open House Invitation Flyer

Open House Invitation Flyer

These flyers announce upcoming open houses, showcasing the houses and giving details on the events themselves. Open-house mailers are a great way to encourage face-to-face interactions.

Seasonal/Holiday Greeting Card

Seasonal/Holiday Greeting Card

The cards used for special occasions are a wonderful way to build relationships with former and potential clients. It’s best to create these cards without any blatant marketing copy on them, appealing to the human side of your leads

Personalized Brochure with Property Recommendations

Personalized Brochure with Property Recommendations

These are brochures, personalized with the recipient’s name and details, showcasing a variety of properties that might be of interest to them. They’re an effective way to showcase your portfolio in a targeted, efficient manner.

Testimonial Postcard

mailers for real estate, REsimpli

Testimonial postcards showcase positive feedback from satisfied clients, along with optional images of the agent and their contact information. These mailers build trust and highlight the agent’s track record.

Referral Request Letter

Referral Request Letter

This should be a well-designed, visually appealing letter to satisfied clients, offering them incentives for providing referrals to loved ones. Make sure to thank them for their business and help, and make referring you seem like a simple and appealing concept.

Farming Postcard

Farming Postcard

General postcards designed for neighborhood farming and prospecting, featuring eye-catching visuals, local market statistics, and the agent’s branding. Mailers like these will establish your presence and expertise within the local area.

Luxury Property Brochure

Luxury Property Brochure

These are the kinds of real estate mailers that people might actually keep at home. With an air of sophistication in the manner they showcase high-end properties, these mailers are perfect for targeting more affluent and aspirational audiences.

Virtual Tour QR Code Mailer

mailers for real estate, REsimpli

These ones have plenty of space for experimentation in regards to the surrounding graphics and copy, but a prominent QR code is vital to ensuring the recipient interacts with it.

Investor’s Guide Booklet

Investor's Guide Booklet

These mailers for real estate investors are a helpful way to start diversifying your client base. Create a pleasant, informative booklet with everything from market insights to investment strategies, showcasing your expertise in investment properties.

New Development Announcement Flyer

New Development Announcement Flyer

These are visually arresting flyers designed to announce the development of new properties, showcasing their amenities, architectural details, and of course, your own contact details.

First-Time Homebuyer’s Guide Brochure

First-Time Homebuyer's Guide Brochure

These brochures should communicate ideas in a simple yet detailed manner, offering first-time homebuyers real value from the first day. This approach helps potential clients choose you as the first agent they come to when it’s time for them to buy.

Sold Property Announcement Postcard

mailers for real estate, REsimpli

Just Sold postcards are an effective way to share stories of your success while giving an insight into your portfolio. With a success story to engage with, these postcards invite more potential clients to contact you for similar results.

Customized Magnetic Calendar Mailer

Customized Magnetic Calendar Mailer

An example of a more guerilla marketing strategy, magnetic calendar mailers simply offer your potential clients something useful that contains your branding. There’s no blatant advertisement of your properties, but they’re something that can be used every day with your name on it. 

With these 15 examples, it’s clear that you can experiment with plenty of approaches when trying to engage potential clients. It’s knowing when and where to use each that will make a difference in your business

Best Site for Buying Real Estate Mailers

When it comes to purchasing real estate mail templates online, a number of well-respected websites offer a variety of effective options. We’ve collated our top 10 choices for buying quality real estate mailers and templates.

1. REsimpli

REsimpli is our number one choice for buying your real estate mailer templates, offering a user-friendly experience with countless customizable designs to choose from. Its services cover the printing, addressing, and delivery of postcards, flyers, and brochures, even offering an automated system for connecting with your mailing list.

2. ProspectsPLUS!

ProspectsPLUS! is well-known in the industry for providing an extensive range of real estate marketing templates, covering digital and mailed materials. Use its simple interface to create Just Listed/Sold postcards, farming postcards, open house invitations, and more. Best of all, everything it offers is customizable, so you can personalize your mailers with images, text, and contact information.

3. Realty Studio Design

Realty Studio Design is a template company with a focus on real estate direct mail marketing. Its range of customizable templates allows agents to craft visually appealing mailers, covering the forms of farming postcards, holiday greetings, and more.

4. offers a user-friendly platform for businesspeople of all kinds to design and personalize postcards and mailers, including a wide range of free templates for the real estate industry.

5. ReaMark

ReaMark is a popular website that specializes in postcards of all kinds, including real estate mailers. It offers a wide range of options, such as Just Listed/Sold postcards, personalized letters, and perhaps most prominently, stunning holiday greeting cards.

6. QuantumDigital

QuantumDigital is a comprehensive online platform offering direct mail marketing services for real estate professionals. It provides tailored versions of all the major real estate mailers while also offering mailing services either to you or directly to your target audience.

7. Corefact

Corefact specializes in real estate marketing products, with unique mailers supplemented by notepads, signage options, and even baseball schedules, along with various other goods. Along with its range of pre-designed mailers, you can also upload your designs directly to the system and build your own mailers.

8. Canva

Canva is a hugely popular free graphic design tool, which also offers paid models for a more premium experience. Along with a variety of real estate mailer templates, Canva also offers unparalleled freedom for creating your own unique mailers.

9. My Creative Shop

My Creative Shop is a business focused entirely on the creation of unique postcards, offering customers a variety of templates in excess of 2000 options. It also provides print and targeted mail options, partnered with SnailBlast.

10. PrinterBees

PrinterBees offers a massive range of physical marketing materials, covering everything from typical mailers and postcards to banners and business cards. With a huge variety of real estate-specific and more general, fully customizable templates, it’s a great choice for setting up your mailing list.  These 10 websites offer convenient options for realtors to purchase real estate mailers online. However, REsimpli stands out as the top choice due to its seamless integration of mailers with automated direct mail solutions as part of a fully comprehensive CRM system, streamlining your operations overall.


It’s clear that mailers for real estate can be an effective way to market your real estate business. What’s vital is using this form of marketing with the right degree of specificity in terms of materials and targeting. Make sure that you communicate your branding in a clear, visually-satisfying way, sending the mailers to the right people at every stage of the game, with the different forms arriving at the doors of different leads and clients who you’ve done a good amount of research on.For more insights into the real estate industry and marketing, visit our blog today.