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Xencall-ReadyMode Integration Information

By Sharad Mehta
28th Apr, 2023

Xencall-ReadyMode Integration Information

1. From the Zapier Account Dashboard, click on the MAKE A ZAP button in the upper left

2. In the Zap creation page, name the Zap: i.e.: ReadyMode Webhook

3. In the Trigger window, click on the Webhook

4. After selecting the above-mentioned App, you can now choose the trigger event; choose the Catch Hook

5. Once you’ve selected your trigger event, click Continue

6. You will then be directed to this page, click the Copy button to copy the webhook URL

7. Please send the list of fields you want sent from ReadyMode such as Name, Email, Phone, and Address to the Xencall/ReadyMode Integration team with email address or . The list of the fields can be found on the Settings => Agent Options => Edit custom fields

8. Also send the name of the call result that should trigger sending the information. Your call results can be viewed by going to Settings -> Agent Options -> Edit call results

9. Once we have confirmed that this is complete, select the Zap and click on the Test trigger button

Note: if you click on the Test trigger button before us sending you the confirmation email, a message like below would appear. Once you receive a reply, please click on the Test trigger button to confirm that the test payload data has been received.

10. Once the test payload has successfully been received, the test payload data will appear. Click on the Continue button to move onto the next step

11. Now you are ready to setup the second part of the integration!