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Why Wholesalers Use REsimpli in Their Business

Why Wholesalers Use REsimpli in Their Business

Why Wholesalers Use REsimpli in Their Business

If only there were a single platform that could automate and manage every task in real estate wholesaling?

As a matter of fact, there is. To help you score great deals on properties, REsimpli can help you manage multiple lists of sellers — list stacking. That lets you find the most motivated sellers and focus your efforts on them. 

Efforts that can include automated drip campaigns, with outreach that combines voice calls, SMS messages, ringless voicemail, direct mail, and more. Or skip tracing to find missing sellers. Or identify new prospects through automated tools like driving for dollars support. 

Our Speed to Lead feature texts you the details of inbound leads as they arrive, so you can jump on it right away. In fact, the system can optionally call you and dial the lead to connect you instantly.

To help you build your buyers list (and market to it), REsimpli offers website templates, bulk email and SMS campaigns, and e-signatures on documents. Plus many more features that you can check out on our Pricing page.


  1. List Stacking: Find Motivated Sellers by Cross-Referencing Lists
  2. Driving for Dollars: Instant Data on Properties, One-Click Outreach
  3. Automated Drip Campaigns: Create Automated Outreach Campaigns with SMS, Mail & More
  4. Direct Mail Campaigns: Send Mass Mailings with Customized Templates
  5. Cold Calling Dialer: Manage Call Histories & Click to Call
  6. Ringless Voicemail & SMS Campaigns: Reach Your Prospects’ Phones in Bulk or on Scheduled Campaigns
  7. Skip Tracing: Find Lost Prospects to Reconnect
  8. SEO-Optimized Website Templates: Build Instant Buyer & Seller Websites with a Click
  9. Speed to Lead: Get Instant SMS or Calls When Leads Arrive

Case Study: How Alex Doubled His Wholesaling Deals with REsimpli

Before using REsimpli, Alex Smade did one or two wholesale deals each month. Today he closes four to six deals each month, without working any harder. 

The list stacking feature in particular has supercharged Alex’s deal flow. He identifies the most motivated sellers by looking for owners who pop up on multiple lists, and then automates outreach campaigns to them through REsimpli. If he can’t find them, he skip traces them. 

Watch the full case study to see exactly how Alex more than doubled his business with REsimpli.