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What are Open Leads


What Are Open Leads

Open Leads – are leads with newly received communication, whether an SMS, a call, or MMS that hasn’t been replied to yet. It can also be a newly added lead into the Leads dashboard.

1. To see the number of Open Leads, go to HomepageDashboards.

2. To check the details of the Open Leads, go to Leads Active Leads → Check Leads with Open in the Leads board.

Open Leads

3. Ways to remove or update “Open” lead’s status:

  1. Click the Lead information, reply with an SMS. SMS Sent Successfully notice will pop up. Refresh the page.
  2. Click “Open”. A message will pop up asking for confirmation to remove lead from “Open” status. Click the Delete Selected button.
Delete Selected

4. To see the details of Open lead, click the filter icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Select Open Leads on the Lead Age section. Click the Filter Leads button. Data with Open Leads will display.

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