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Week 7 results – 1 new property under contract

Week 7 results – 1 new property under contract

Week 7 Results

This overall has been a good week. We closed on 2 properties this past Friday and have 2 more closings this Friday and we got another property under contract today. Plus we found buyers for 2 of our properties. So all in all busy but good week.

I have total of 9 deals at different stages – 5 Under Contract and 4 in our Inventory.

Week 7 Analytics

We had 2 appointments today and one of them we were able to convert and put it under contract and if everything goes smoothly with closing, this one should be a pretty decent deal. We had another appointment this afternoon and the seller seemed very motivated. Maria, my Acquisition/Project Manager, called the seller to confirm the appointment couple of hours before the walk-through and the seller confirmed that we were all set but when Maria went to the house and called me from there, the seller said that she had called Maria and left a message to reschedule which is a bummer because this one could be a decent deal also.

We looked at the outside and it needs work done but it’s not too bad. The seller was home but her husband wasn’t feeling well so she didn’t allow us in the house.

We have another appointment set for this Saturday which looks promising so fingers crossed we convert that into a deal also.

We had another seller who called us and wanted $50k for a house. It was a nice house right across from Purdue University but for us to make any profit, we needed to get that for no more than max of $40k and resell for $50k. But the seller was firm so I called a local investor I knew and passed the seller’s contact information to him and he will be closing at $50k. We won’t be making any money on this but the investor we passed the deal onto to has some great contacts so we may ask him for a favor down the road if need be. Karma – What goes around comes around.

The call volume overall was very low this week but lead quality was good. It may have something to do with Memorial Day weekend but who knows. We will see if the trend continues next week or not.

One thing I am loving though is using PatLive service and not having to deal with all the unmotivated leads or angry callers. Maria and I are trying to get into a habit of doing daily 30 mins call to stay up to date with all the lead situation and Maria has a lot on her plate so that is one thing we are struggling with is not being able to get back to all the leads right away. Sometimes it takes us couple of days before we get back to them.

But Maria and I are working on coming up with a system that works for both of us and we can both set a routine.