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Week 3 results of my Direct Mail campaign

Week 3 results of my Direct Mail campaign

Direct Mail campaign Week 3 results

Below are my results after 3 weeks of mailing:

Week 3 results of my Direct Mail campaign

In total I have 75 leads and 19 of those are from other sources like referrals or prior mailings but since the last 3 weeks I have been tracking my results, I have received 56 leads from my 4 separate lists.

No deals so far from the lists I have been sending to these last 3 weeks.

I have total 6 deals so far – 4 under contract and 2 that we have already closed on. 3 out of the 6 deals are from referrals and the other 3 are from prior direct mail campaigns. One of the 3 deals from prior DM campaigns might not actually close. The seller is being double minded so we will see how that goes.

Majority of the calls coming in are Dead Leads which is not surprising. They are Dead Lead for several reasons – not wanting to sell, asking too much, etc.

Lead Progress Timeline is not currently working in our Analytics but can’t wait for that be ready as that will be great to track how our lead progresses.

Majority of my leads seem to come in on Wed and Thurs and Monday is the 3rd best day for calls which is interesting because my mail goes out on Monday and people receive it Wed or Thursday and for some reason people seem to be calling on Mondays. One reason could be that some of the mail gets delivered on Friday or over the weekend and people wait until Monday to call. It may make sense as I have very few calls over the weekend.

We came close on couple of other leads but either the property was beyond repair or the seller was asking a bit too much. But it is encouraging to be getting leads. I just need to be consistent with my mailing and I feel confident that with time we will start getting more solid leads.