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REsimpli Leads Dialer

REsimpli Leads Dialer

REsimpli Leads Dialer

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Log in to your REsimpli account.
  2. Go to the main “Leads” page.
  3. To access the lead follow-up dialer, you can either click on the calling icon next to a lead on the main “Leads” page or open the lead detail page.
  4. If you choose to access the dialer from the lead detail page, click on the calling icon in the lead tile.
  5. The lead follow-up dialer will appear, displaying all the information you need to know about the lead while on the call.
  6. Click on “Call Lead” at the right portion of the dialer to initiate the call.
  7. Once the call is connected, the “Call Lead” button will change to “Redial”.
  8. After the call is finished, you can disconnect the call by clicking the “Disconnect” button.
  9. Use the “Previous” and “Next Lead” options to navigate between leads without having to return to the main “Leads” page.
  10. While using the lead follow-up dialer, you can view and edit the lead’s analytics info, property info, list stacking, and lead form questions.
  11. Add notes, view the activity log, and send text messages directly from the dialer pop-up window.
  12. Activate drip campaigns, add appointments, and add tasks from the dialer window.
  13. On the right side of the dialer, you can view and manage any pending tasks assigned to you, marking them as completed when necessary.

The lead follow-up dialer in REsimpli allows you to efficiently manage calls and tasks without having to navigate between multiple pages. If you have any questions, feel free to contact REsimpli support for assistance.