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Top 10 Real Estate Groups: Two Definitive Lists

Top 10 Real Estate Groups: Two Definitive Lists

Top 10 Real Estate Groups: Two Definitive Lists

The real estate landscape is vast and varied, with a plethora of digital and physical niches, markets, and strategies for agents and investors to explore. But one thing remains consistent across this diverse sector: the power of community. Real estate groups, whether on Facebook, local communities, or mastermind setups, are the hidden backbone of this industry. They provide a valuable platform for collaboration, sharing best practices, mentoring, and networking among professionals.

Real estate is all about connections—the more you know, the better equipped you are to serve your clients, find off-market opportunities, and grow your business. Real estate groups can be treasure troves of actionable market insights, updates on trends, and creative marketing techniques. By engaging in the best real estate group for your needs, you’re joining a community and gaining access to a hub of collective knowledge, greater than that of any single agent or firm.

Over 74% of Realtor-accredited real estate agents use Facebook specifically for business. With that in mind, there are countless Facebook real estate groups full of people looking to share experiences and learn from one another. By finding the right real estate group for you on there or any of the other platforms we reference in this blog, you could streamline your personal success story. 

With that in mind, we’ll dig deep into some of our favorite online real estate groups of the present day so you can feel more confident when seeking membership.

The 10 Best Real Estate Facebook Groups

In the digital age, Facebook has gone beyond a mere social media platform, evolving into an instrumental space for networking and resource sharing. For real estate professionals, these real estate groups on Facebook have many purposes, serving as digital hubs offering a fusion of expert advice, market insights, and peer support—with some just being a great place for funny industry memes! 

To help you navigate this realm, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best Facebook groups dedicated to real estate.

Inman Coast to Coast

Inman, an industry leader in real estate journalism, brings its storied name to Facebook with the Inman Coast to Coast group. The group is geared primarily for Inman Select members and Connect attendees while remaining open to all industry professionals seeking rousing discussions, industry news, or professional inspiration. With a community of over 20,000 members, the group serves as a hub for insights and updates straight from Inman, with its code of conduct ensuring quality interactions.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Real estate news 
  • Inman Connect updates
  • Clear code of conduct
  • No listing spam

Tech Support Group for Real Estate Agents

With real estate professionals all grappling with an ever-evolving array of digital tools, the Tech Support Group for Real Estate Agents offers invaluable assistance. Established in 2011 by Curaytor co-founders Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin, this group boasts over 16,000 members ready to assist with all your real estate tech-related questions. Whether you’re confused about website integration with Google, struggling with WordPress, or figuring out mobile functionality for your agency page, this group is a trusted resource. Members are encouraged to share personal tech tips and tricks, fostering a collaborative environment for seeking and providing help.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Tech support & advice from industry professionals
  • Participation encouraged
  • Clear guidelines
  • Pitch-free group

The Real Estate Agent Group

The Real Estate Agent Group is a private, 53k-strong-and-growing community of real estate professionals, rife with relevant industry discussions. Perfect for agents at any stage, from rookies to veterans, it’s an environment built on genuine collaboration, the sharing of insights, and the pursuit of advice. Whether talking about technology, industry trends, or finances, it’s a valuable space for real estate agents to network and learn.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Collaborative energy
  • Licensed realtors only
  • No self-promotion

Real Estate Happy Hour

If you’re looking for an unfiltered space to laugh with fellow real estate agents, Real Estate Happy Hour is for you. It’s a kind of digital clubhouse where you can kick back and engage in candid conversations without the confines of strict decorum. Imagine a haven for those with a robust, even somewhat dark sense of humor—this isn’t the place for the easily offended. Should you decide to voice dissatisfaction, you might find yourself shown the virtual door.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Licensed professionals only
  • No partisan posting
  • No recruiting policy
  • One listing post a week (at your own peril)
  • No spam

New Real Estate Agents

Being a newcomer to real estate can be overwhelming, but it can be easier to navigate with a community of peers. The New Real Estate Agents group is a sanctuary for rookies, offering insights, support, and camaraderie for those early in their careers. Founded by Jennifer Romano of Baldwin REALTORS®, eXp Realty Southern Branch, in 2017, it’s grown rapidly to host over 75k members, welcoming everyone from real estate students to mortgage professionals.

Despite its name, even seasoned agents can find value here by delving into various real estate topics, from lead generation to customer service. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • Broad real estate insights
  • Student-friendly
  • Community safety is prioritized

Raise the Bar in Real Estate

If you’re an agent eager to deep dive into industry best practices, Raise the Bar in Real Estate is perfect for you. Founded over a decade ago, this group has evolved into a dedicated space for professionals to discuss and challenge industry norms, aiming to elevate real estate professionalism. With a community of 22.4k active members, only established professionals are invited to join this private forum for collaboration, the sharing of experiences, and the continuous refining of trade standards.

Features & Benefits: 

  • In-depth industry conversations
  • Best practice evolution
  • High entry standards

Follow Up Boss Success Community 

For those using the Follow Up Boss CRM, their Facebook Success Community is a perfect real estate group. It’s a space for users to dive into success narratives, learn from top performers, and stay ahead of the curve by leveraging expert insights. This CMX award-nominated group hosts FUB users of all expertise levels, offering first glimpses of new features and best practice strategies, along with an emphasis on building referral networks.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Exclusive webinars & training sessions 
  • Peer-led real estate mastermind groups
  • Content from integration partners and global coaches#

Beat Zillow

Run by the team at Easy Agent Pro, this group is for customers looking for guidance and advice with their LeadSite, EAP’s flagship product. Beat Zillow is dynamic, orbiting the offerings of Easy Agent Pro while allowing other members to take part. What makes this group so effective is its rapid and comprehensive responses, with topics such as Facebook ads, SEO, blogging, and more covered by their over 9k members. It’s more than a product support group; it’s an online marketing haven for those looking to diversify their methods of lead generation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Focus on websites
  • Wider topics discussed
  • Joining the group can add you to the company’s mailing list
  • Marketing guidance

Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs

Ever stumbled upon MLS photos on listing sites that have made you wonder, “What were they thinking?” This Facebook page is the ultimate treasure trove of MLS photo misadventures. The page has a comical focus, highlighting the worst MLS photos found across the internet, with users able to send in examples they discovered themselves. It’s funny, but it’s also a highly valuable group to be a part of as an agent, giving newer professionals some helpful examples of what NOT to do when marketing a property.

Features & Benefits:

  • Laid-back vibe and atmosphere
  • Funny & informative pictures

Bonus Tips—MLS Photo Dos and Don’ts:

We’ve included some of our best practices for MLS photos so you don’t end up as the target of mockery on this page!

  • Highlight the Positives: The photo’s purpose is to spotlight the best features of a property.
  • No Cell Phone Shots: If you’re serious about advertising your listing to buyers, use a high-quality camera or hire someone who does.
  • Tidy Up: Whether you’re simply making the bed, clearing the table, or closing the toilet seat, every detail in the shot matters.
  • Human-Free Zone: People count as mess! Ensure all your shots are free from people, be they sellers or random passersby, to maintain the pristine nature of the property’s visual profile.
  • Pet-Free: While every furry friend is an adorable part of the family, there’s no place for pets in MLS photos.
  • Backdrop Essentials: Ensure any garage or bay window doors are closed, with no personal vehicles or distinctive pieces of personal property in the shot.
  • Professional Touch: Unless you have the necessary experience and training, don’t force yourself through the uphill struggle—hire a professional!

Real Estate Marketing All-Stars

Whether you’re a broker, agent, or marketer working passionately in the industry, this group offers an active platform for riveting discussions about everything from social media content creation to marketing psychology. Founded by Steve Jolly, the group focuses on constructive and productive discussions, supported by spam and personal marketing rules to ensure you engage respectfully.

For those who are eager to contribute and learn, they include an extensive Files section packed with a wealth of community-generated material. 

Features & Benefits: 

  • Accountability challenge used to ensure conversations aren’t dragged down by ranting
  • Active daily community
  • Files section full of usable resources

It’s clear that real estate Facebook groups can be a hugely beneficial resource and community space for real estate professionals, regardless of their career niche or how long they’ve been in the industry. If you find the right community, Facebook real estate groups can be transformative, offering a synergy of networking, knowledge enrichment, and resource access that can propel their careers to new heights. 

Just think about your priorities as an agent and pick your groups accordingly.

Top Real Estate Mastermind Groups Every Agent Should Join Today

Mastermind groups have long been recognized as powerful environments for personal and professional growth in a wide variety of industries. With mastermind groups rooted in mutual support, knowledge exchange, and accountability, these collectives can be great spaces for real estate professionals to develop in a range of different ways. Today’s real estate industry thrives on networking, education, and shared experiences, with mastermind groups becoming a powerful platform for professionals to connect, learn, and grow together. 

Whether you’re a seasoned agent looking for fresh perspectives on the industry or a newcomer eager to fast-track your success by interacting with real estate veterans, these top 10 mastermind groups are sure to catalyze your journey.

Grant Cardone Platinum Mastermind Club

Grant Cardone’s mastermind club is a powerhouse for networking and understanding the intricacies of the real estate business. The club’s focus is on deals, debt, equity, and relationships, with Cardone’s approach emphasizing the significance of connections in the industry. They offer a number of paid courses and free books while hosting numerous networking events throughout the year for members to learn from. 

Avengers Mastermind

This elite group brings together top entrepreneurs from the industry, covering a wide array of topics spanning the ins and outs of real estate, crypto, NFTs, and private equity. Members are given an opportunity to learn from and connect with high-value professionals while being afforded the opportunity to invest in some of the most exciting domains today. Along with the educational aspects, the club also offers members the opportunity to attend luxury events, with chances to meet with other professionals face to face.

7 Figure Altitude Program

Focused on house flipping and wholesaling, this community assists seasoned real estate investors interested in scaling their businesses. Their focus is to have investors working ON their business rather than IN it, emphasizing the vitality of smart working techniques as an alternative to needless hardship. It’s become the go-to space for those seeking profitable and scalable ventures in the house-flipping domain, which can be a highly lucrative pursuit for investors and agents alike.

The Collective Genius

Branding itself as the number 1 mastermind group for high-volume real estate investors, Collective Genius offers a space where industry leaders come together to share knowledge and strategies. Their tenets include a No Risk Policy, status as a Pitch-Free Zone, and a rigorous application process. If you can get in, you can access their Scaling Accelerator, Deal Syndicate, and Purchasing Conglomerate. 

Mobile Home University

For those intrigued by the pursuit of affordable housing, most notably the growing mobile home park industry, MHU offers invaluable insights. Founded by industry giants Frank Rolfe and Dave Reynolds, it’s an unbeatable source of knowledge, including free guides, podcasts, paid courses, and newsletters to help younger professionals break into this industry niche. 

The Storage Mastermind

Led by Scott Meyers, this group is exclusively tailored for experienced self-storage owners and investors. It’s a space where top players in the self-storage industry share their expertise. Meetings are held four times a year across the country, allowing seasoned pros and relative newcomers to rub shoulders and share insights.

Rod Khleif Multifamily Mastery

Rod Khleif’s mastermind group is essentially a comprehensive course, perfect for anyone looking to venture into multifamily real estate. With his vast experience and dynamic approach, Khleif offers a unique learning experience, complete with 114 lessons in text and video form, giving students a rock-solid base to build their careers. 

Dealmakers Mastermind

For real estate investors seeking a vast, active community of business acquisition enthusiasts, Dealmaker’s Academy Mastermind stands out. While not strictly focused on real estate, the methods and competencies shared in this mastermind community are perfectly applicable to professionals in a range of industries. 

Real Estate Rockstar Agents

Created by Coach Borino, this is one of the rare real estate mastermind Facebook groups offering a space for agents to brainstorm, share tips, and ask questions. It’s known far and wide as one of the most engaging communities for agents on Facebook, with strict policies against self-promotion. It’s a great space for those seeking a balance between traditional mastermind groups and more laid-back online communities.

LabCoat Agents

Originally known for being one of the most significant real estate groups on Facebook, LabCoat Agents has developed into its own online hub for discussions on lead generation, conversion, and mindset. It’s still open for all on Facebook, with strict rules on self-promotion, while their own site features a podcast, courses, and various other training resources.

The real estate mastermind group can take many forms with various platforms, so it’s important to carefully research all of the ones listed here before deciding which one you’re going to commit time to. Take your budget, time constraints, and personal ambitions into account before putting any money down. With the right group, your career trajectory could change dramatically for the better.

Other Real Estate Groups & Teams On Social Media

Real estate professionals are expanding their reach and expertise by engaging with communities on various social media platforms, whether by forming official groups or by contributing to hashtags and trending topics. With professionals showcasing the latest market insights, property previews, or networking opportunities, these groups, trends, and teams have established a robust presence across the net.

#RealtyGram Influencers

Instagram has become home to a number of real estate professionals looking to widen their net by showcasing luxurious properties, interior designs, and market trends through visually captivating posts. These can be found by simply looking for the #RealtyGram tag that these influencers include in their posts. 

X (Twitter) @RealEstate 

X (or as we call it, the artist formerly known as Twitter) is home to millions of accounts, with the sought-after @RealEstate handle being a popular account followed by thousands of professionals. This account offers a real-time pulse on the real estate market, with professionals tweeting about market fluctuations, investment opportunities, and industry news.

The Real Estate Reddit Community

Reddit offers a forum-style community conversation where agents, buyers, sellers, and investors come together to discuss market trends, seek advice, and share experiences. The focus is largely on Q&A formats, advice, and shared experiences for professionals to enjoy and comment on.

TikTok #RealEstate

Agents have started to leverage the short-video platform TikTok to offer quick real estate tips, property previews, and behind-the-scenes looks into the life of a realtor. Searching the #RealEstate hashtag is a great way to get some good tips and insights while gaining ideas for a social media marketing campaign.


BiggerPockets has a YouTube channel featuring videos hosted by expert agents offering in-depth property tours, DIY home improvement tips, and detailed market analyses. Subscribing can be a great way to keep your finger on the pulse. 

Pinterest Real Estate Board Groups

Pinterest is a creative space where agents and interior designers curate boards of property designs, staging ideas, and architectural wonders. It may not be the most informative community to be a part of, but it’s a great way to find inspiration and remind yourself why you work in real estate. 

Clubhouse Real Estate Room

Clubhouse is an app featuring audio rooms where agents, investors, and market analysts discuss real estate trends, conduct live Q&A sessions, and host expert panels. All you need to do to join their 74k-strong ranks is download the app, and you’re in. 

Navigating the teams and communities on these social media platforms can be incredibly rewarding for agents looking to expand their professional network, learn from peers, and stay updated on industry trends. Whether you see a helpful tweet, a pin, or a TikTok video, there’s a wealth of knowledge waiting to be explored across the internet. 


In the ever-evolving real estate landscape, staying connected, informed, and on top of industry trends is vital. Real estate agent groups, be they on Facebook, part of mastermind sessions, or scattered across other social media platforms, are valuable for professionals in every sector of the industry. 

So, whether you’re an established agent, a budding enthusiast, or somewhere in between, take the time to explore these groups. Your next big opportunity, mentor, or breakthrough insight might just be a membership away. 

For more on the industry, check out our blog today.