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The 23 Best Real Estate Coaching Programs for 2024

The 23 Best Real Estate Coaching Programs for 2024

The 23 Best Real Estate Coaching Programs and How to Choose

To grow as a real estate professional, you need to be learning continuously. Whether you’re just getting your start in the industry or an experienced professional with a few years under your belt, real estate coaching has numerous benefits that it can offer agents and investors alike.

However, with so many options out there, how do you find the best real estate coaching programs for your needs? We’ve put together this blog to expand on the benefits of embracing real estate coaches, while also sharing our 23 favorite programs for 2024.

What is a Real Estate Coach?

A real estate coach is a seasoned industry professional who shares their experiences in the form of guidance, mentorship, and strategic advice so investors and agents can grow professionally.

The goal of real estate coaches is to guide their clients and audience towards realizing their goals, whether they involve closing more deals, increasing their profits, generally managing time effectively, or staying above water in an unstable market.

Coaching can take place in the form of one-on-one sessions, where coaches provide personalized advice based on their client’s needs. However, many real estate coaching programs also offer group sessions, training materials, and resources for continued education. It’s also important to note that there are countless coaching blogs across the internet, offering specific guidance to wider audiences.

It’s also important that coaching is also different from standard training courses. Training courses are designed to offer the general, foundational knowledge that professionals need to operate at their most basic level. Coaching is based on providing more specialized guidance for specific needs.

Whether looking for a real estate investing coach or a real estate agent coach, the right program can elevate your business performance significantly.

What are the Major Benefits of Real Estate Coaching?

Real estate coaching offers a range of benefits that can advance your overall performance and persoanl growth. Here are some of the key benefits of coaching:

1. Customized Advice: Unlike larger seminars and courses, coaching can be personalized to your business needs. A good coach will work with you closely to develop the right strategies for your market, personal strengths, and target audience.

2. Accountability: Real estate coaches can you hold you accountable, ensuring you stay focused and progressing. Regular assessments are vital to keeping you on the right path to success.

3. Experience and Expertise: Coaches come with years of success, knowledge, and experience under their belt. By talking to someone who’s walked the walk, you gain invaluable firsthand knowledge of complex deals, challenging market states, and common mistakes of the industry.

4. Motivation and Confidence: Coaches can also provide the morale boost you need during tough times. With proper encouragement, they help to build your confidence in the best and worst of times.

5. Networking Opportunities: With their experience, coaches build impressive contact lists. A good coach will provide networking opportunities that you might not otherwise be privy to.

How Much Does Real Estate Coaching Cost?

The cost of a real estate coaching program can vary massively depending on the coach’s experience level, the length of the program, and its structure.

The cheaper side of coaches can offer programs for between $100 to $200 a month, while mid-range programs will generally land somewhere between $300 to $600 a month. Programs such as these offer a mix of group and one-to-one sessions. The more expensive, elite one-on-one coaches and programs offer prices that range between $1,000 to $3,000 per month.

23 Best Real Estate Coaching Programs for 2024

#1: Dean Rogers

Ex-NFL player Dean Rogers pivoted to real estate in 2013, successfully flipping and wholesaling hundreds of houses and building an eight-figure rental portfolio. With over 600 closed deals, Dean launched The Wholesaling Playbook in 2022 as a practical guide to 7-figure real estate success. Students gain direct access to him and benefit from a unique 6-month return policy, assuring personalized support until a deal is struck.

Membership for Dean Rogers’ program is $12,000 on a payment plan or $9,997 if paid in full.

#2: Icenhower Coaching & Consultation

Founded by Brian Icenhower, ICC has become one of the leading coaching firms in the world of real estate. The network of coaches is built of former clients and professionals, with membership providing 40 one-on-one calls a year, along with access to over 30 online courses, a number of file resources, and 24/7 support.

ICC costs $1,000 a month on a year-minimum contract basis.

#3: Mike Ferry

Mike Ferry is one of the longest-standing, most respected real estate coaches in the game. His focus is on traditional training, sales advice, and motivation, with the program including phone calls, sessions, retreats, and more. It doesn’t get more classic than Mike Ferry.

Membership to Mike Ferry’s program costs $425 a month on a yearly contract.

#4: Tom Ferry

Like father like son? Sort of. Tom Ferry is indeed Mike Ferry’s son and yes, he does have his own real estate coaching program, but that’s where the similarities stop. Tom’s methods are less based on traditional sales techniques and more focused on the use of modern technology.

Membership starts at $649 a month.

#5: Real Estate Coach

Founded by Bernice Ross, Real Estate Coach is one of the most popular coaching programs out there. Not only do they offer a wide range of programs at different price points, but they also CD series with condensed lessons from their principles of minimizing time and maximizing profits. They also offer a free 1:1 session to new customers.

Memberships range from $300-$3,500 a month.

#6: Corcoran Coaching & Consulting

Founded by Bob Corcoran, CCC offers a variety of different coaching programs. Their choices include private individual coaching sessions, an Agent Fast Track program, a group Agent Ram Up program, and a general Performance Coaching system. Their system is known to be effective for the preliminary consultation to determine which program you need.

Their packages start at around $650 a month.

#7: Buffini & Company

Founded by Brian Buffini, this coaching company have coached over 3 million real estate professionals over the years. Beyond their coaching, B&C commands an empire of online training courses, an online management system, and a connected CRM.

Their packages start at $499 a month for two phone calls a month over 6 months.

#8: Kyle Handy

Kyle Handy’s coaching program is focused on lead generation and conversion, while also offering access to a comprehensive content marketing strategy. His system isn’t based on one-on-one interactions – rather offering access to his five pre-made training courses.

His prices aren’t listed online, so you’ll have to get in touch to get a quote.

#9: Sherri Johnson

Sherri Johnson can talk the talk and has certainly walked the walk, being one of the former top-3 independent brokers in the US. Her training has generated over $ 1.5 billion in annual sales for new and experienced agents alike, while being known for taking professionals from $ 0-$6 million within a year of training.

Her pricing model includes three tiers of training: $575 per month, $995 per month, and $1,395 per month.

#10: Mike Stott – Your Coaching Matters

A former student of Mike Ferry, Mike Stott started Your Coaching Matters in 2009. With over $20 million generated in commissions and over 3,100 homes sold in his personal career, it’s clear that Mike Stott has advice that could be valuable for agents at various career stages.

He advertises his services as for small businesses, but pricing isn’t available online

#11: Real-Life Real Estate Training

Founded by 14-year veteran Candy Miles Crocker, Real-Life Real Estate Training offers a variety of specialized training courses and strategies for different agents, along with some free video and templated content.

Their courses start for FREE, but further pricing information isn’t available.

#12: Harris Real Estate Coaching

Real estate power couple Tim and Julie Harris are famous for their podcast, best-selling book, and impressive career. They also offer a no-nonsense style of coaching, perfect for people that like fact-based guidance.

Their pricing ranges from $100-$1,010 a month.

#13: Craig Proctor Seminars

Craig Proctor has been the #1 agent in the US multiple times throughout his career, with his seminars being the thing of legend for his “Reverse Prospecting” strategy of bringing leads to you.

His one-on-one coaching system isn’t priced online, but tickets to his conferences and webinars range between $89-$189.

#14: Performance Coaching

Founded by former NFL star Steve Shull, Performance Coaching is based on the consistent application of simple principles. Covering 6 pillars of performance, this is a great choice for those who need some good motivation.

There’s no pricing available online.

#15: Kinder Reese

Jay Kinder and Michael Reese are both highly successful agents, who are now sharing their expertise in the form of coaching, training, and events. Their program is perfect for those looking to scale their business up.

Their one-on-one coaching with Jay Kinder costs $1,297 a month for a minimum of a year.

#16: Smart Inside Sales

Smart Inside Sales was founded by Dale Archkins, a veteran at Keller Williams, known for his impressive ability to multiply revenue. The focus of their program is on lead conversion and developing high-level ISA systems.

Their pricing isn’t available online.

#17: Hopkins International

While not strictly a real estate professional, Tom Hopkins became a millionaire salesman by 27 years old. His coaching system has been active since the 1970s, offering “how-to” guides on selling in the form of talks, seminars, and more.

Pricing isn’t available on their website.

#18: Richard Robbins International

Richard Robbins has helped 10s of thousands of real estate professionals reach success. Their system offers bi-weekly one-ones, bi-weekly group sessions, various resources and more.

Their solo coaching program costs $899 a month.

#19: Real Estate Champions

Founded by Dirk Zeller, Real Estate Champions are famous for their four-day work week approach to real estate. Their average student experiences a $100,000 increase in yearly income, with a variety of programs to choose from.

Their online programs are generally priced at around $497 at a time.

#20: Workman Success Systems

Verl Workman and his large team of coaches tout their program as a way to achieve “Predictable Greatness”, offering tailored programs for individual agents, CEOs, and teams alike.

Their website doesn’t include pricing information.

#21: Seek Real Estate Training

Bruce Keith, founder of Seek Real Estate Training actually completes all training sessions himself, with over 45,000 under his belt as of 2024. His focus is on objection handling, asking questions, and reducing the need for script memorization.

His coaching starts at $105 a month.

#22: Jerry Bresser Training and Coaching

Jerry Bresser has been providing coaching for over 50 years, with a focus on strategic planning and the right language for agents to use. His books are available to those unsure about signing up.

Pricing not available.

#23: Darryl Davis

Darryl Davis offers coaching from his team, along with personal one-one sessions, although the latter are hard to secure and highly sought after. His main product is his Power Agent Program, which comes with phone calls, hours of content, and a connected CRM system built right in, among other features.

Darryl Davis’s one-one sessions come on an application based process only, but his Power Agent Program is priced at just $47 a month.

How to Choose the Right Real Estate Coaching Program?

Choosing the right real estate coaching program isn’t as simple as finding the most well-known coach out there. There are various factors you need to carefully consider.

  1. Define Your Goals: It’s important to identify what it is you’re looking for from coaching. Consider the expertise of the coach and the nature of their program, along with how that aligns with your personal goals.
  2. Consider the Coach’s Experience: The coach’s experience is vital to whether they’re going to be right for you. If they have the kind of career you wish to emulate, their program is probably going to be closer to what you need.
  3. Evaluate Their Teaching Style: Are you looking for someone hands-on or someone who’s going to give you the tools to teach yourself? Find out more about every teaching style before making your choice.
  4. Cost and Time Commitment: Coaching doesn’t come cheap, while also taking up a lot of time. Make sure to carefully consider how many dollars and hours you’re willing to put in.
  5. Check Reviews and Testimonials: Make sure to see what past students have to say about the program. This will let you know more about the efficacy of the program and its style.


As you can see there are countless different real estate coaching programs for you to choose from. It’s important that you consider your budget in terms of time and money, your specific goals, and the kind of learning you respond to the most effectively before jumping into any of them.

Do you need commercial real estate coaching? Could you use advice in marketing? Or are you just trying to push sales? These are all things you need to consider before choosing your program.

Once you know what to look for, a coaching program can most certainly be an effective investment, helping to build a base of professionalism from which you can thrive moving forward.

For more guidance on navigating your real estate career, check out our blog today.