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Real Estate Business Lead Flow from Start to Finish

Real Estate Business Lead Flow from Start to Finish

Real Estate Business Lead Flow from Start to Finish

Learn how to use Sharad Mehta’s tried-and-true lead flow for maximizing your conversions and re-generating leads in your real estate business. In this video, he explains his method using his real estate software, REsimpli.

At the outset, he lists his marketing venues. In this case, PPC and SEO have their own inbound bucket, and Direct Mail, SMS, and Cold Calling have their own outbound bucket.


From there, these leads are categorized as “contacted” or “uncontacted”. Outbound marketing efforts can fall into either of the two, whereas PPC/SEO always fall under the “uncontacted” category, as they are incoming and online only.


These show up in similar categories in the REsimpli platform itself, making it easier to conceptualize the different stages of the lead generation process. The leads are then qualified, either by yourself, a team member, or your lead manager. These leads are either unqualified or qualified depending on criteria you can filter and set internally and on REsimpli.

If the lead is officially Qualified, REsimpli allows you to quickly and easily schedule an appointment using the online scheduler function. This is marked on your flow as Appointment Set.

If the lead is officially Unqualified, there’s two options: mark it as Unqualified then consider it a Dead Lead, or mark it as an Agent Referral. This can be tagged directly in REsimpli as a Warm Lead, thereby sending it to the agent and creating a task for your team to follow up. If the lead is marked as a Dead Lead, it is removed from the flow entirely.

When a lead is marked as Appointment Set, there are two possible options: the appointment is fulfilled or the appointment is not fulfilled. If the appointment is not fulfilled, REsimpli makes it simple and quick to set the lead up with a Drip Campaign specifically tailored for No Shows.


You can set up various automatic drip campaigns, including “missed call,” “no show,” and others. From there, you can further categorize the lead so far as scheduling tasks for your team to follow up, etc.

If the appointment is fulfilled, and the prospect is still deemed acceptable, you can then mark the lead in the Under Contract category which will allow you to fill out several criteria, including closing price, negotiation terms, and date.


If the deal is still under negotiation, you can easily mark the lead as Offer Made which will then allow you to fill out similar criteria, such as amount of offer, date of offer, and set automatic tasks like follow up and reminders.


If it’s a wholesale deal, the lead would be sent to your cash buyer and moved to Assigned to Buyer. Provided the criteria are set and met, the deal follows through as Sold. If the contract is sent to renegotiation, the sale flow restarts again either as Offer Made, Under Contract, or Dead Lead.

The best part about this deal flow is it’s manageable with or without a real estate software. Sharad, as an active real estate investor, formatted REsimpli’s sorting features after his own workflow with others’ real estate business in mind. Watch more in the video below:

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