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Wholesaling to Acquisitions Company Owner

Wholesaling to Acquisitions Company Owner

My Real Estate Journey: From Wholesaling to Acquisitions Company Owner

In this blog post, I’ll share the story of my real estate journey from starting out in wholesaling to becoming the owner of an acquisitions company. I’ll discuss my experiences, strategies, and lessons learned along the way.

My Start in Real Estate

I began my real estate investing journey in Greenville, South Carolina, in August 2018. With a passion for real estate but limited funds, I discovered wholesaling as a way to make money without needing upfront capital.

Over the next two years, I primarily focused on wholesaling. As I honed my skills and achieved success, I realized the need to expand my business. I spent most of 2021 and the first half of 2022 building a team and establishing systems, tools, and processes to excel at finding off-market properties and creating win-win deals with sellers.

Growing My Real Estate Business

Today, my real estate business consists of six companies, each focusing on a different real estate investing space vertical. My core business, an acquisitions company, is responsible for locating off-market properties, connecting with sellers, and negotiating the best possible deals.

Why Real Estate Investing?

My interest in real estate investing was sparked by my father, who owns a construction company. As a result, I’ve always been surrounded by construction and renovations, which fueled my passion for real estate. In addition, I was inspired by others who were investing in rental properties and generating passive income.

Generating Leads and Building Relationships

To generate leads and find potential deals, my team and I use a combination of direct mail, text messaging, and cold calling. Our approach varies depending on the location and the specific property, but our goal is to quickly connect with sellers and build relationships to negotiate the best possible deals.

Partnerships and Business Growth

I partnered with two other investors in my first year, but I soon realized that our visions and commitment levels needed to be aligned. So I decided to buy out my partners and have since been running my businesses solo. However, I do have partners in some of my other verticals, as having trusted partners with complementary skills can help to drive business growth.

Building a Buyers List

When building a buyers list, I recommend searching for recent cash sales in the area and reaching out to those buyers. My team and I use SMS and cold calling to contact potential buyers, always starting by asking if they’re interested in selling their recently purchased property before transitioning into discussing potential new deals.

Making Offers and Closing Deals

I would conduct in-person appointments in my early days to make offers and close deals. However, the COVID-19 pandemic forced a shift to phone appointments, significantly increasing our efficiency. As a result, we now use a three-step sales process. The first call is dedicated to fact-finding and relationship-building, followed by underwriting and offer preparation, and finally, presenting the offer to the seller over the phone.


Over the past four years, my real estate journey has taken me from wholesaling to owning an acquisitions company and multiple other businesses in the real estate investing space. I have experienced considerable success and growth in this competitive industry through hard work, persistence, and strategic partnerships.