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Lead Flow for Real Estate Investors

Lead Flow for Real Estate Investors

Lead Flow for Real Estate Investors

Team members are an invaluable asset in real estate. With each member playing a specific role, the goal of closing more deals becomes easily attainable. More so, with the effective use of lead flow.

The lead flow process is about converting newly created leads to appointments. And the goal of these appointments is to get the property on a contract. It is attained with the expert skills of a lead manager and an acquisition manager. 

Here’s a straightforward walk-through of the lead flow process starting with the lead coming in through the final step of scheduling an appointment.

Breaking Down the Lead Flow Process

The steps in the lead flow process are clear and precise. And can be completed using REsimpli. Listed below are the steps involved.

  1. Incoming lead
  2. Call Porter
  3. Completion of REsimpli’s Webform
  4. Call with Lead Manager
  5. Appointment with Acquisition Manager

Continue reading for a brief description of each role and how to optimize the real estate lead flow process.

1. Incoming Lead

The lead flow process starts with marketing! And thanks to your (your team’s) marketing efforts there are incoming leads.

Regardless of the marketing route, Cold Calling, Pay-Per-Click, Direct Mail, and SMS, every lead goes through Call Porter.

SMS leads that desire to be removed from the listing will have the option to do so by leaving a voicemail message. These leads are the only ones that do not go through Call Porter.

2. Call Porter

REsimpli uses Call Porter, an answering service built exclusively for real estate investors.

Call Porter will answer the call from your incoming leads and ask the seller a series of “motivation” questions.

The motivation questions asked by Call Porter include:

  • Why are you looking to sell the house?
  • How soon are you looking to sell (30 days vs a year)?
  • Is the house vacant or occupied?
  • How much is the mortgage on the house?
  • What repairs does the house need?
  • Do you have a price that you are looking to sell the house for?

All information collected gets input into REsimpli’s web form. The form is submitted and creates a lead. Any additional information provided by the seller is entered on the form as notes.

3. Webform

While listed as an additional step, the web form process is actually completed by Call Porter. The information on the web form includes:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Lead source
  • When the lead was created
  • Property address
  • Motivation questions

4. Lead Flow Manager

The lead manager step entails reviewing the lead and calling the lead to schedule an appointment.

It is important to mention that all calls with Call Porter are recorded. This recording is reviewed by the lead manager to gain perspective on the seller. Because understanding the tone can help determine if an urgency to sell is present.

The main goal of the lead manager is to schedule an appointment between the seller and the acquisition manager. 

5. Appointment with Acquisition Manager

The lead flow process culminates with the appointment scheduled by the lead manager for the acquisition manager and the seller.

The goal for the acquisition manager is to successfully make an offer to get the property on a contract.

What makes this whole process successful is the thorough gathering and reporting of information with the use of REsimpli, the webform, the answering service, and the lead manager!

Interested in learning how REsimpli can help you do all this and more? Request a demo and get a free 14-day trial!