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It Will Come Together: Delegating and Direct Mail by Joe Davalos

It Will Come Together: Delegating and Direct Mail by Joe Davalos

It Will Come Together: Delegating and Direct Mail by Joe Davalos

DIRECT MAIL Hey everyone. Well lets cover direct mail first. As I posted prior the returns were getting a bit overwhelming. To try and keep 5,000 leads and scrape those leads for bad addresses and try and update addresses was difficult. So I am working on a few systems. First any first time mailing will have a different color postcard. When returned those will get skip priority.

Subsequent mailings will have another color postcard. Will briefly skip but since we now know that they have probably been skipped prior will remove if we cannot find an updated address relatively quickly. Also as we skip a lead on our excel sheet we are writing detailed notes as to return address, sent to John Doe Jr possibly son of John Doe Sr deceased when sent and any other pertinent info. Will adjust as needed

DELEGATING I have been working on training videos for future staff. So every time I am working on adding leads to my mailing list I create a video of my screen and go step by step on the process and to why I am doing this. I keep the videos to less than 30 minutes. If you are interested I would suggest you get a free trail version of two popular video making softwares.

The reason I say free is it is temporary but you can try them out and see which one you like best. Also you want to find out if they will work easily with your operating system. The two I tried are Filmora and Camtasia. Filmora is less expensive but unfortunately for me my computers wouldn’t save the video file in a format that fimlora liked. I tried troubleshooting but it was a pain. Camtasia worked for me like a champ. Its more expensive but is very user friendly.

Now these softwares do not provide audio. You can go no cost and use your smart phone and load your audio later. I would recommend you get a Mic. that way you can record the video and sound at same time and its plug and play. So easy is good.

The one I bought works like a champ and is very inexpensive I bought mine on amazon Fifine USB Microphone Plug and Play. Price today is $21.99 Make the investment time is money this will cut out sometime not having to edit your video and add sound. The minute I save my video I immediately upload it to youtube. So I get it all done at the same time.

DIRECT MAIL SUCESS. I hear all the time direct mail is dead. BS. My problem is I get overwhelmed on my businesses and I don’t mail like I should. Just last month we put a mobile home with lot under contract for $5,000 I walked the outside and the porch and rear patio had some roof leaks and rotting on the flooring.

I expected a shell inside. Met my locksmith and when I walked in I was holy smokes for 3 grand I could rent this place. Direct mail works if you do. Don’t have time delegate.