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Integrating REsimpli 2.0 with Zapier

Integrating REsimpli 2.0 with Zapier

Integrating REsimpli 2.0 with Zapier

REsimpli 2.0 users can now utilize Zapier to connect with other services and applications that are Zapier compatible. In a matter of minutes, connect REsimpli with Carrot Websites and Mojo Dialer—no coding required! 

Connecting Zapier & REsimpli 2.0

  1. Sign up for a Zapier account if you don’t already have one.
  2. Locate the “Create your own workflow” section on the Zapier home page.
  3. In the “Connect this app…” search the connection option that works best for you. In this example, we searched and selected “Gmail.”
  4. In the “with this email” search bar, search for “REsimpli 2.0” and select the icon when it populates.
, REsimpli

5. Two new search bars will appear. Select one action item from each dropdown menu to move to the next screen and connect your email.

connect email

6. A menu titled “New Email in Gmail” will appear. Add the email address information connected to your REsimpli account and continue.

, REsimpli

7. You will be prompted to verify your REsimpli account by providing your API Key. To locate your API Key, open REsimpli and click the app icon in the top right hand corner. From the dropdown menu, select “API Token.”

, REsimpli

8. When your API Token opens, select “copy to clipboard.”

, REsimpli

9. Return to Zapier, paste your API key and continue. Once verified, your REsimpli 2.0 account information will appear in Zapier. Select your email address and click continue to connect the applications. The initial connection may take a few minutes.

Using Zapier with REsimpli 2.0

Creating, detailing, and following up with leads is an important part of what we do as real estate investors. Because you will likely use this feature often, we’re going to walk you through creating a new lead in Zapier to familiarize you with the layout of the application and demonstrate how it connects to REsimpli 2.0.

  1. Log in to Zapier, locate the “Create new workflow” Locate “Gmail” in the first search bar and “REsimpli 2.0” in the second search bar. This will prompt two new search bars to appear.
  2. Choose the actions that you would like to take in each section and continue. We’ve selected “New Email” and “Create Lead” for this example.
, REsimpli

3. When the “New Email in Gmail” screen opens, select your email account and continue.

4. A menu titled “Create Lead in REsimpli 2.0” will appear. Choose your user account and continue.

5. A lead form will load for completion. You will notice that the pop-up form is formatted with the lead details and parameters you selected for your REsimpli lead questionnaire.

, REsimpli

6. Complete the lead form by adding contact and property information, lead source, and confirm the lead’s current status. Provide as many details as possible, as this information will transfer to REsimpli 2.0.

7. Once the form is completed and submitted in Zapier, the lead and all corresponding information, including lead status, will populate in REsimpli, seamlessly transitioning information from one platform to the other.

Customize Zapier to fit your business.

Zapier is easy to navigate, user-friendly and very customizable. While no customization is required, you can easily automate tasks across various platforms and create custom workflows to help tackle your business’s unique needs.

Build a Zap

Zaps are activities or tasks that you can select from in Zapier. Create your own custom zaps to streamline time-consuming activities, remind you about upcoming tasks, and market your business across various platforms. The Zapier Help and Support Guide covers customizations in detail.

Use Zapier to connect REsimpli to frequently used apps like Mojo Dialer. You can even create zaps that trigger Mojo Dialer to update contact information or complete a scheduled activity when new leads are entered through Zapier.

, REsimpli

Create a Custom Workflow

In the Zap Editor, located inside your Zapier account, investors can set up triggered workflows if desired.

  1. In the Editor, search for REsimpli 2.0 in the “Choose a Trigger App.” Once selected, a list of triggers will appear. Explore and identify any triggers that could benefit your business.
  2. Choose the trigger you want to add to your workflow. There are many options to choose from, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed, locate and deselect the “show less common options” to simplify your list.
  3. Click “Connect an Account’‘ and login to REsimpli 2.0 when prompted.
  4. Authorize Zapier’s use with REsimpli and you’re ready to attach your new workflow option to a lead or contact!

Profit is tied directly to productivity. Integrate REsimpli 2.0 and Zapier to schedule tasks, update lead information, and help locate potential business. Efficiency is as easy as 1-2-3!