How to use SMS templates

How to use SMS templates?

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How to Use SMS Templates at REsimpli.

1. Create New SMS Template

1.1. Click on the top-right menu

1.2. Select SMS Template.

Create New SMS Template

1.3. Click Add New on the upper right. A new window will appear.

Click Add New

1.4. To create the template, type the Template Name and the Message details. Click Save. (SMS Template Updated Successfully notice will be displayed on the upper right corner)

Type “@” to assign. Select the appropriate assignees to be automatically provided in the template. See the sample image below:

2. Use the SMS template.

2.1. Go to the Leads  → Active Leads section on the left sidebar menu.

2.2. Click on the Lead’s address to select.

2.3. The Lead’s information will display. Click the “Send Message” icon.

2.4. Send Message window will open. Click the dropdown arrow to select from the SMS Template. Choose the appropriate template.

2.5. Check the message details if conforms to the Lead’s information.

2.6. Click Send.

Note: SMS Templates are used for recurring messages.