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How to Use SMS Templates

How to Use SMS Templates at REsimpli

1. Create New SMS Template

  • a. Click on the top-right menu
  • b. Select SMS Template.
, REsimpli
  • c. Click Add New on the upper right. A new window will appear.
, REsimpli
  • d. To create the template, type the Template Name and the Message details. Click Save. (SMS Template Updated Successfully notice will be displayed on the upper right corner)
, REsimpli

Type “@” to assign. Select the appropriate assignees to be automatically provided in the template. See the sample image below:Use the SMS template.

, REsimpli

2. Use the SMS template.

  • a. Go to the Leads → Active Leads section on the left sidebar menu.
  • b. Click on the Lead’s address to select.
, REsimpli
  • c. The Lead’s information will display. Click the “Send Message” icon.
, REsimpli
  • d. Send Message window will open. Click the dropdown arrow to select from the SMS Template. Choose the appropriate template.
, REsimpli
  • e. Check the message details if conforms to the Lead’s information.
, REsimpli
  • f. Click Send.

Note: SMS Templates are used for recurring messages