How to use file sharing and managing in REsimpli

How to use file sharing and managing in REsimpli

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How to Use File Sharing and Managing in REsimpli

1. Go to Leads Page. Click Lead information. The Lead’s file will be opened.

2. Go to the Files tab. Click New to create a new folder.

3. Name the folder. Click Add Folder.

4. Click the Share icon. A new window will open.

5. Click the button to enable sharing. The Sharing options tab will open.

Sharing options
Sharing options are:
  1. View file only – the recipient can only VIEW and download the shared file.
  2. View and add new files – the recipient can VIEW and ADD NEW files in the shared folder.
  3. View, add new files, and delete files – the recipient can view, add and delete files.

6. Select permission, for example, View and Add New Files. Click Save. Two confirmations will pop up, “Link Copied to Clipboard” and “Folder Shared Successfully

7. Share the link with the seller. Ask the seller to upload the pictures and videos. The seller can now download pictures. 

8. Once the seller is done with downloading pictures, refresh the page to update the system. The files are automatically synced into the system.

9. After the seller shared pictures, click enable button to disable sharing. Click Save.

To transfer the shared files to a different folder:

1. Open the source folder, select the pictures to transfer.

Open the source folder

2. Click the folder icon. A new window will open. Choose from the existing folder. Click the Move to Folder button.