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How to Set Up Automate Tasks When a Lead Comes in?

How to Set Up Automate Tasks When a Lead Comes in?

How to Set Up Automate Tasks When a Lead Comes in?

This can be set under Global Task. This feature allows you to create an auto-task for leads under a certain category/status. Let’s say you wanted to add a global task under no contact made, this task will now show up to all leads that are under that status.

Step by Step Guide:

  1. Log in to your REsimpli account.
  2. Navigate to the “Activity” section and click on “Global Task.”
navigate to activity
  1. Review the default tasks set up in the system. You can delete or add tasks as needed.
add task
  1. Observe how tasks are created for each lead status, such as “No Contact Made” or “Contact Made, Appointment Set.”
  2. Assign tasks to different owners or roles based on your team structure.
  3. Set up due dates and reminders for each task.
  4. To add a new task, click on “Add Task” and enter the task name, task type, and task details.
  5. Assign the task to a specific role and set up the due date.
  6. If desired, set up a reminder to notify the user when the task is due.
  7. Once tasks are set up, create a new lead in the system (e.g., Michael Jordan, Direct Mail, Probate List).
  8. Observe how tasks are automatically assigned based on the lead status.
  9. As you move the lead through different stages in the pipeline, tasks will automatically update.
  10. Mark tasks as completed when necessary and update the lead status.
  11. Automated tasks will be assigned for each lead, regardless of the stage they are in.

By setting up tasks one time, you can automate the follow-up process for all leads in your pipeline. This ensures that essential tasks, such as ordering inspections or confirming water bill payments, are completed for every property. Thanks!