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How to set up a drip campaign


How To Set Up A Drip Campaign

1. Go to the left sidebar menu. Click GeneralDrip Campaign.

2. Click Add Drip Campaign in the upper right corner of the screen. A new window will open.

3. Fill out the campaign information. See sample drip campaign steps illustrations below.

a. Fill out Campaign Name (Example: June New Drip). Click the Add Steps button. 

b. Fill out each step according to the drip campaign.

i. Fill out the Delay Duration (example: 1) and Delay Time Span (example: hours). 

ii. Choose an action, it can be Direct Mail, SMS, Task, RVM, or Email.

iii. Attach template for the chosen actions – see sample per steps.

iv. Add reminder if necessary – fill out reminder slots.

, REsimpli

c. Add new steps in between steps in case missed to add up to campaign.

4. Click Add Campaign button.


Step 1

, REsimpli

Step 2

, REsimpli

Step 3

, REsimpli

Step 4

, REsimpli

To see a sample Postcard Design, click “Click Here to Preview” button.

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