How to send eSign documents for signature

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How To Send eSign Document For Signature

1. Go to the left sidebar menu. Click LEADS→ Active Leads.

2. Click the Lead to whom the e-Sign document will be sent.

3. Click the Actions button in the upper right corner of the screen.

4. Select the Send For e-Sign.

5. The Send For e-Sign window will open. Choose a signature template. A new window will open

6. Fill out the Fill Parties Information window. Click the Submit button.

7. The e-Sign document will open. Drag and drop the field to add information.

Note: Editing and/ or adding information in this section will not affect the original template.

a. Click Add Me in the Recipient Parties to add recipients from the team. Click the Edit icon and fill out the information. Click the Update button once completed.

b. Click Add New in the Recipient Parties to add another party/ recipient. A new window will open. Fill out the information. Click the Add button once completed.

8. After finalizing/ editing the document, click the Send button. A Send Invitation Email window will open.

9. Fill out the necessary information. Click the Send button. eSign Document Added Successfully notice will pop up in the upper right section of the screen.

10. To view the sent eSign document, click on the eSign tab in the Leads page.

11. Recipients receive the eSign document.

Note: This is how the email looks like when it reaches the recipient.

12. Click View Document. The sent eSign document will be displayed.

13. To fill out the document, click the shaded part and type in the necessary information. Browse all the pages to make sure all the slots are filled out.

14. Click the Next Required Field in the upper right corner of the screen to go to the next page of the document. Repeat the same step until all required fields are filled out.

15. Click Finish once completed. A window for Confirm Signature will open.

16. Read the confirmation message. Click the Click HERE To Confirm and Confirm button.

17. The Signed Successfully window will open. Click the Ok button.

18. The same process will be done by the next recipient following the steps from step 11 to 17.

19. To check the status of the eSign document, click on the Lead, select eSign tab. The status of the document will be displayed on the Status column.

20. To view the signed document, click the Document Name. The document will be displayed.

21. Click the More Actions button in the upper right corner of the screen to perform other actions, such Download Form Data, View Activity History, Download PDF, and save the file. Hover the mouse to each Actions to view how it works.

22. The other way to send the file as attachment or to make it shareable file to go to the Leads → Files. Download the fully executed purchase agreement and save it to the folder.