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How to Scale with Direct Mail Marketing

How to Scale with Direct Mail Marketing

How to Scale with Direct Mail Marketing

The beautiful thing about Direct Mail Marketing is it can be incredibly easy to scale.  You’ll need a few things to get to that point, but once you’re there, scaling can happen almost overnight.  Here are 5 tips to get set up.

1. Don’t Lick and Stamp

When you are ready to scale from 1,000 pieces of mail a month to 10,000 pieces, you don’t want to be stuck licking and stamping for a month!  Hire it out.

2. Don’t Answer Your Seller’s Calls

There are so many companies and virtual assistance that offer call center services for a relatively small fee.  Don’t become bogged down with inbound calls.  However, you will want to be the final negotiator.  Let your VAs filter the sellers down to the few that are good potentials and talk to them directly.

3. Don’t Visit Every House

Sellers usually like it when you stop by their house, but they like it better when you just buy it right now.  Go ahead and write an offer with a “due diligence” period.  During your “due diligence” period, hire a BPO agent, appraiser and contractor to walk the property for you and verify that the seller gave you good information.

4. Prepare to Spend

Your response rates will not always be consistent.  There will be great months and there will be bad months.  Don’t let the bad months cause you to slow up marketing the following month.  Learn to stomach the slow months and don’t give up.

5. Don’t Use Excel as your CRM Program

While excel is a wonderful tool and will get you by, it will limit you when you try to ramp up.  There are too many affordable CRM programs available now that are customized for what you’re doing (like the new CRM from reSimpli!).  Find a CRM program that works for you even if you don’t quite need it yet.  When you decide to ramp up, you will then have a robust CRM program with all the bugs worked out.

Direct mail marketing can be a great way to scale as long as you are prepared.  While these 5 tips are not a comprehensive list, they are potential bottlenecks that could show up after you’ve ramped up.  Good luck and don’t give up!