How to Merge Two Leads into One? Step by Step Guide
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How to Merge Two Leads into One?

How to Merge Two Leads into One?

How to Merge Two Leads into One?

Absolutely! Below are the steps on how to merge two leads into one with screenshots on it.

  • Go to Actions and select Merge Lead.
  • Type the name, address or phone number and press enter.
  • Select the property address you would like to merge, then just click “Merge”.
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Detailed Step by Step Guides are below:

  1. Log in to your REsimpli account.
  2. Navigate to the lead you want to merge (e.g., George Costanza).
  3. Click on the lead to access its details.
  4. Locate the “Merge Lead” feature within the lead’s details.
  5. Click on the “Merge Lead” feature.
  6. In the search bar that appears, enter the name of the lead you want to merge with (e.g., Wonder Woman).
  7. Select the appropriate lead from the search results.
  8. A prompt will appear, asking you which lead’s questions you want to keep. By default, it will be set to keep questions from the lead you’re merging with (e.g., Wonder Woman).
  9. If you prefer to keep the questions from the original lead (e.g., George Costanza), select that option.
  10. Review the information about what will happen when the leads are merged (e.g., tasks and appointments from the original lead will be deleted, lead sources and campaigns will be kept from the merged lead, etc.).
  11. Click “Merge” to combine the two leads.
  12. The system will merge the contacts, activity logs, files, and other relevant information from both leads.
  13. Return to the “Leads” section, and you will see that the original lead (e.g., George Costanza) is no longer listed, as its information has been merged into the new lead (e.g., Wonder Woman).

By following these steps, you can merge leads in REsimpli, combining their information and streamlining your lead management process.