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How To Filter My Leads In REsimpli?

How To Filter My Leads In REsimpli?

How To Filter My Leads In REsimpli?

1. Go to the left sidebar menu. Click Leads → Active Leads.

2. Click the Filter ( ) icon.

3. The filter can be done by the following category:
  a. Lead Assignment

  • i. Lead assigned to market (Example: General Market).
  • ii. Lead assigned to a role (Example: Acquisition Manager, Accountant).
  • iii. Lead assignee user (Can be any member of the team).

  b. Filter by Tags, Drips, and Tasks

  • i. Tag options
  • ii. Drip Campaign status
  • iii. Tasks assigned to Leads.

  c. Lead Age and Status.

  • i. Date Filter (Start Date and End Date)
  • ii. Lead age based on the last edit

4. To filter by Lead Assignment, click Lead Assigned to Market, Lead Assigned to Role, or Lead Assigned to User (s). Tick from the choices. Click the Filter Leads button. Filtered data will be displayed based on the selected choices.

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5. To filter by Tags, Drips, and Tasks, select from the options and click the Filter Leads button. The data on Leads With Pending Tasks or Leads Without Pendings Tasks can also be filtered in this section.

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6. To filter by Lead Age and Status, select the dates – Start Date and End Date. Select Lead age and Status of Hot Leads. This is to filter how many Leads came in on the specified dates.

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