How List Stacking and Leads Integration Works


How List Stacking and Leads Integration Works

1. To check the Tags in the Leads:

  • a. Go to the left sidebar menu, click the Leads → Active Leads.
  • b. Click on the Leads, check on the LIST STACKING INFO. – Part of the Tags section.
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2. To check the Tags in the LIST STACKING section, go to the left sidebar menu.

  • a. Click MARKETING → List Stacking.
  • b. Click the Search ( ) icon in the upper right section, search the PROPERTY ADDRESS from the LEADS section. For example, 2821, address with 2821 will be displayed.
  • c. Click the PROPERTY ADDRESS to view the Tag Information.
  • d. To add Tags in the LIST STACKING section, tick the PROPERTY ADDRESS.
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  • e. Click the Filter icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
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  • f. Add selected properties to an existing tag. Select from the drop-down list. For example, Tag 1, Tag 2.
  • g. Click Add Properties To TagsTag Added Successfully notice will pop up.
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  • h. To check the added Tags in the Leads, go to the LEADS → Active Leads.
  • i. Click the PROPERTY ADDRESS of the Lead, for example, 2821. The LEADS information will be displayed along with the newly added TAG from the LIST STACKING section.
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Note: Any property/ tags added in the LEADS are automatically added in the LIST STACKING and vice versa.

3. To add a LIST that is not the LEAD:

  • a. Go to MARKETING → List Stacking.
  • b. Copy the PROPERTY ADDRESS.
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  • c. Click the LEADS → Active Leads.
  • d. Open the LEAD where the address is to be added.
  • e. Click the Actions button in the upper right corner. Click the Edit ( ) icon.
  • f. Click PROPERTY Detail. Paste the copied Property Address from the List Stacking section.
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  • g. Click the Edit Lead button. Lead Updated Successfully notice will pop up in the upper right corner.