How List Stacking and Leads integration works

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How List Stacking and Lead Integration Works

1. To check the Tags in the Leads:

a. Go to the left sidebar menu, click the Leads → Active Leads.

b. Click on the Leads, check on the LIST STACKING INFO. – Part of the Tags section.

2. To check the Tags in the LIST STACKING section, go to the left sidebar menu.

a. Click MARKETING → List Stacking.

b. Click the Search () icon in the upper right section, search the PROPERTY ADDRESS from the LEADS section. For example, 2821, address with 2821 will be displayed.

c. Click the PROPERTY ADDRESS to view the Tag Information.

d. To add Tags in the LIST STACKING section, tick the PROPERTY ADDRESS.

e. Click Actions in the upper right section. Select Add To Tag. A new window will open.

f. Add selected properties to an existing tag. Select from the drop-down list. For example, Tag 1, Tag 2.

g. Click Add Properties To Tags. Tag Added Successfully notice will pop up.

h. To check the added Tags in the Leads, go to the LEADS → Active Leads. 

i. Click the PROPERTY ADDRESS of the Lead, for example, 2821. The LEADS information will be displayed along with the newly added TAG from the LIST STACKING section.

Note: Any property/ tags added in the LEADS are automatically added in the LIST STACKING and vice versa.

3. To add a LIST that is not the LEAD:

a. Go to MARKETING → List Stacking.


c. Click the LEADS → Active Leads. 

d. Open the LEAD where the address is to be added.

e. Click the Actions button in the upper right corner. Click the Edit () icon.

f. Click PROPERTY Detail. Paste the copied Property Address from the List Stacking section.

g. Click the Edit Lead button. Lead Updated Successfully notice will pop up in the upper right corner.